Antivirus for Chromebook in 2020

Are you interested in the Chromebook antivirus? If you are, we have a great review for the best antiviruses in the market for your laptop.Many people wonder whether Chromebooks require virus protection after buying them. The way google designs chrome books is such that they cannot get most viruses, as you would experience on windows.

Popular belief dictates that it is not necessary to have an antivirus on Chromebook, as google will play a role in the protection of the device against viruses.

However, it is worth noting that the system cannot be 100% free from security from manipulation and threats. Therefore, it will always be prudent to get additional protection for the Chromebook.

Do Chromebooks need Antivirus?

The built-in Chromebook antivirus does not make the device immune from viruses, and using it without effective protection will render it useless in just a matter of months. More and more people are opting for added protection measures from the in-built antiviruses.

According to the company, chrome books are pretty close to being virus-free due to their system design. They are made from operating systems based on the Linux kernel.

This can be attributed to the reason why chromebooks come with the praise of being virus free and protected, even without additional settings.

The Chrome-based built-in malware system is made in such a way that it is quite hard to install anything that could compromise your system. There are very few apps that can be installed in the Chromebook.

The data, which is also stored on the Chromebook hard drive, is also encrypted for each account. You must sign in to access your account, meaning no other person can access data from a different account and install potential malware without knowing.

Chromebook also comes with another feature whereby in the default state, the device will allow users only to install web applications.

Similar to android, how Chromebook works is such that it will take advantage of google plays security measures, which comes with a scanning option for google drive and Chrome.

However, google play has previously allowed a number of Trojans and malware into the play store, so it does not make it perfect.

Google proprietary security measures, however, have the capability of detecting a lot of viruses’ rootkits, plus they have an inbuilt sandbox mechanism that will prevent viruses from spreading to other apps.

The Chromebook protection mechanisms, however, cannot protect you from certain threats, including a majority of phishing threats, social engineering, and man in the middle attacks.

Which are the Best Antivirus for Chromebook?


This antivirus is one of the best you can get for your Chromebook.

The antivirus is one of the strongest in the market, with over thirty years of developments and improvements. It is rated as one of the best in reputed magazines such as PC Magazine.

In-terms of its AV TESTS, the antivirus performed at 100% against all malware and viruses introduced to it.

The antivirus also comes with an amazing malware scanner. Apart from this, it also comes with a heuristic monitoring service, which will help it to suspect and tackle suspicious behavior and threats quickly.

It also comes with an artificial intelligence analysis increasing its effectiveness in identifying and tackling any kind of virus malware and threats.

Apart from the heuristic monitoring and artificial intelligence, the antivirus also comes with a rescue disk, which will allow you to restart the system from a USB drive and remove any residual infections, in-case of extensive virus and malware attacks.

The antivirus also comes with an application control that can set restrictions allowing only the trusted programs to run.

The antivirus is also set up in such a way that each layer of the Chromebook will have three layers of scan intensity, making it even harder for viruses to enter and stay in your device for long durations of time.

The antivirus also comes with a number of features that make it well worth the Chromebook.

For one, Kaspersky is effective against phishing sites. The antivirus also comes coupled with a two-way firewall and protection from webcam jacking, which may see hackers spying you through your webcams.

The antivirus also comes with a private browser. The browser is essential in terms of keeping your computer safe when online, as it will block sites that may track your online movements.

The Kaspersky safe browser will also force your chrome book on the use of HTTPS encryption, which will prevent the more common web attacks.

The antivirus is also effective against key loggers based on the virtual keyboard feature it comes with, which will prevent Keyloggers from tracking your key inputs on the computer.

The antivirus also comes with a VPN service. This helps protect your device from IP tracking, and encrypt data sent through and received online.


When it comes to the Avira antivirus, the most significant selling point for the software is the amazing performance based on the independent lab tests on its performance on viruses and malware.

Avira antivirus scored an impressive 18 points together with other leading antiviruses such as Kaspersky and McAfee.

On the tech SE Labs tests, where antiviruses are introduced to real-world malicious websites, Avira performed well at a level of AAA, which is the best mark for the antivirus.

When it came to the MRG-Effitas, where the antivirus is not graded, rather it simply passes or fails the test. Avira antivirus passed on this test, making it an excellent antivirus.

In the AV TESTS, Avira performed impressively at 6/6 rating, which is the best performance in terms of test results.

Another essential feature of the Avira antivirus is the ransomware, which will help protect you against any kind of threats involving your data getting held for ransom. How this works is through hackers encrypting your data and asking for a fee to decrypt it.

Apart from is impressive performance on the threat, malware, and virus protection, the antivirus also comes with other important features.

The antivirus also comes with cloud protection. How this works is such that, if the antivirus detects any suspicious files or folders, it will check the cloud to see whether it’s a threat or not.

The antivirus will upload the file’s fingerprint on the cloud. It will then look at the extent of the database, and see whether the suspicious threat is truly malicious.

The antivirus also comes with a VPN. This will be essential in hiding your IP, preventing hackers from tracking you through it. The VPN does not come with as many features as other VPN such as Nord VPN; however, it is quite capable in its purpose.

Avira antivirus also comes with a safe search plus. This browser will go a long way in blocking threats such as phishing websites from accessing your computer. The browser will also protect against malvertising.

The Avira antivirus will also help Chromebook in terms of speeding up the system.

The Avira interface is also quite easy to use. The antivirus will run smoothly without the need for a lot of adjustments.

It has a home screen that will list the programs and software in the Chromebook. If you wish to adjust the setting for the Avira antivirus, you will need to click on the “open” button on the antivirus, where you will get to access the different features, which you can manipulate.

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Another fantastic antivirus for your chrome book is the Malwarebytes antivirus.

The antivirus comes with an easy setup. Additionally, the antivirus is quite lightweight and it takes up little space in the Chromebook. The antivirus will also take minimal interference to your system and will run smoothly in the background.

After the installation of the software, the antivirus will protect the entire system. It will scan the memory, key areas of the Chromebook file system, plus the start-up items. The quick scan version of the antivirus is quite fast and it takes as little as 30 seconds to finish it.

The antivirus also comes with URL filtering. This feature will help detect malicious links and help prevent the device from accessing them.

When it comes to protection, the antivirus performed quite well when it came to the AV TESTS, blocking up to 99.9% on simple threats, 98.6% on zero-day threats, where the industry average is 97%.

The antivirus will help protect against viruses, malware ransomware, and other threats to the device. Aside from this, the antivirus will come with a scan scheduler, which will allow the performance of comprehensive scans based on the preference of the user.

The antivirus works in real time and it will detect malware and viruses as it deletes them. It comes with antimalware, anti-spyware, and anti-rootkit capabilities.

The antivirus will offer a type of way that viruses, malware, and threats are handled through layers of defense for detection removal and protection.

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If you are looking for the best antivirus that comes with a VPN, in both the free version and the paid version, then Bitdefender is the antivirus for you.

When it comes to antivirus protection, the software comes with a heuristic monitor that supplements the antivirus when it comes to device protection. In case of any new potential threats, the antivirus will upload them to the Bitdefender servers for a mix.

The antivirus comes with a huge database, which is important, as there is a lot to compare in terms of new viruses and threats, making it harder for newer viruses to pause any threat to the Chromebook.

The antivirus also comes with ransomware, which will prevent hackers from hacking your device and extorting you for your data. The antivirus will also protect you from unwanted applications.

When it comes to the antivirus performance, it performed at 100% detection on the AV-TEST on all malware introduced to it. On zero-day threats, the antivirus performed at 98.8%.

The antivirus also comes with various features that make it quite worthwhile. One of such features is the anti-tracker feature, which will increase the privacy of your web browsing, plus will also notify you of all the blocked items. The anti-tracker is also compatible with Chrome, Firefox, and internet explorer.

The antivirus also comes with a password manager, which is also compatible with Chrome, Firefox internet explorer, and the antiviruses Safepay browser.

The Safepay browser comes in quite handy in preventing you from any online banking hackers through preventing add-ons and forcing encrypted HTTPS data streams.

Bitdefender also comes with an optimization capability that will scan email attachments for threats plus website screening for add-ons.

When it comes to scanning for viruses, the antivirus will complete both quick and full scans in record time; however, this will be dependent on the size of files being scanned and the pace of the processor.

The interface for the antivirus is also quite impressive, as it is user friendly and easy to use.

The antivirus also comes with additional features, including vulnerability scans, which will inform you about any weaknesses that your device may have. It also has antispam features, threat defenses, and ransomware.

The antivirus also comes with a VPN service, which will help protect your device from IP tracking.

The antivirus is also quite fast and easy to install, and will only take a short while to have it running on your device.

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Another amazing antivirus for Chromebook is the AVG antivirus. The antivirus is easy to use, plus it comes with an easily customizable interface.

When it comes to the antivirus’ effectiveness in protection against malware, viruses, and other threats, it detects all the malware introduced to it on the AV TESTS.

When it came to zero-day threats, the antivirus identified up to 99.5%. On the AV comparative tests, the antivirus identified up to 99.2% of online malware introduced to it.

When it comes to antivirus protection, AVG will scan files and your device’s memory for malware, and monitor it for any indications of an attack by an unknown malware.

In case the antivirus identifies a suspicious file, folder, or threat, it will upload it to the AVG labs for further analysis.

The antivirus will also carry out full and quick scans, where it will cater for protecting the device against any phishing attempts, through assessing all email attachments and block out malicious websites.

After the antivirus is done with the scans, it will then provide you with the results, including sensitive items, prime targets for a potential attack, vulnerable webcams, weak firewalls, and any other kinds of problems that leave your device more vulnerable.

You will then have the option of resolving these issues with the resolve now button.

The antivirus also comes with additional features such as a password manager, plus a Kaspersky security cloud fee on-screen keyboard. The antivirus also includes file shredder.

When it comes to the antivirus interface, it comes with a beautiful and easy to use layout. If everything is perfect with the device, the antivirus will display a white checkmark on top of the main interface window.

There is also a no disturb option for the antivirus, which will come in handy for gamers, allowing you to play without any constant interruptions.

The installation process is also quite easy, and anybody with a bit of computer literacy can accomplish it. Click on the AC installer and follow the prompts.

The antivirus also features helpful support staff that will get ac to you in roughly 24 hours in case you have any questions for them.

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Eset Nod 32

Eset Nod is an excellent antivirus for your Chromebook. For one, the antivirus performed quite well in the most recent AV TETSS, identifying and removing up to 98.4% of the malware introduced to it.

When it comes to zero-day threats, the antivirus performed at 97.5% I 2019.

Eset comes with a malware scanner that will scan for threats in your device. It also comes with a heuristic analysis capability, which will monitor the device for strange behaviors.

If it identifies any suspicious and unfamiliar threats, it will then upload them to the online lab for further analysis.

The antivirus comes with a system to cover the boot-up sequence called the UEFI-unified extensible firmware interface. It also comes with the HIPS or the host-based intrusion protection system, which will come in handy in blocking file-less malware.

The antivirus also comes with a script scanner. This works with the antimalware scanner to sniff out hidden scripts.

However, the antivirus does not come with a quick scan option. To start on the full scan of your device, you will need to navigate to the home screen and click on a full scan.

The option will only scan running processes, new files, and memory, making the whole activity faster to accomplish. Apart from this, in case you want to scan a specific file, you can just right-click on it and select the scan option.

The antivirus will also scan any USB you might plug into the antivirus.

The antivirus also comes with a number of features that make one of the best for your Chromebook. One of the main features Eset comes with is the social media scanner. This will look for any malicious links on social media platforms whenever you are on the chrome browser.

The antivirus also comes with an email attachment scanner plus parental control capacities, which will filter unwanted websites while also controlling the screen time for the devices use, making it ideal for your young ones.

The antivirus also comes with smart security options for its premium users, which will include payment and banking protections, which is an extension compatible with Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and internet explorer.

When it comes to the antivirus interface, you will find it to be quite user friendly. Plus, the interface is easy to work with and fine-tune it to your preferred conditions.

It will take a short time to install the antivirus, it involves a 5.4MB installer, and downloading and installing the rest of the codebase. You will have to install the password manager separately plus the parental control and anti-theft features.

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Avast for Chromebook OS

Avast is amazing antivirus software to use with your Chromebook.

Apart from being cheap to purchase, the antivirus comes with amazing features such as password managers, Wi-Fi scanners, gaming, and move modes, which allow you to concentrate more on either the game or movie by reducing pop-ups and notifications.

How the antivirus works are such that, the malware scanner will use its database to compare files and programs, in looking for any signs of infection. The antivirus database has over 400 million users, which means the antivirus has access to any new threats that may be introduced in the market.

If you are using Firefox or Chrome, the antivirus will provide you with extensions that will block malicious websites and web trackers. These extensions, however, have to be downloaded separately from the antivirus.

When it comes to privacy, the antivirus has a secure browser, which was meant for money-oriented online purposes. However, this too will need to be downloaded separately from the antivirus.

The Avast interface is easy to use and will show you a “you are protected” text when everything is fine, and in case there are issues with your device.

The text turns to a red “X.” on the left part of the interface is a category for protection options, which will include scanning, quarantine, and Wi-Fi inspector. It will also include passwords and software options such as updater and do not disturb modes.

The antivirus also comes with options for adjusting the scanning sensitivity. It has the allowance to turn on or off, all the major components, and customize its activities. You can also run smart scans with the antivirus.

The installation of the antivirus is also easy and fast, where you will need to download the installer, which will download the whole program.

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You may be advised not to download antivirus software for your Chromebook; however, my advice is, better safe than sorry.

As long as added antivirus does not harm the laptop, you can just add them.

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