7 Best Antivirus Programs to Protect from Keyloggers (Updated 2020)

If you are looking for an antivirus that will effectively protect against keyloggers, below we will provide seven different types of the best antiviruses best suited for them. Read on for a deeper insight.Keyloggers are quite hard to detect, making them, among the most feared security threats on computer devices currently.

Apart from being hard to detect, Keylogger damages are also harmful to your device and they pose a threat to your info and other sensitive data beyond the computer itself.

Most of the time, malware comes with a Keylogger, which comes in and adds the damage done on the person’s device and other sensitive info.

What is a KeyLogger?

It is essential to understand what a Keylogger is and their origins before we look at how to best to protect your devices from them and the best antiviruses for the job.

A Keylogger is a malicious program that is made to get your keystrokes. These are all the words, characters, and buttons you press on your keyboard, or the critical board of interest.

The strokes are in turn sent to the attacker; this critical logs may be anything from a record of your:

  • Banking logins
  • Credit and debit card details
  • Social, media passwords, or anything else they might deem necessary.

Previously, the majority of Keyloggers came coupled with malware, which would take time before executing any threat on any of your devices.

This meant that the computer would not be disrupted for a good amount of time. However, currently, Keyloggers are working at an even faster rate. As an example, malware like MysteryBot will target Android devices with banking Trojan, a Keylogger, and ransomware.

Card readers and hackers plus any kind of the point of sale, malware will deploy Keyloggers, which will copy your PIN to use later. Malware, like poiSedon is a great example.

How do you Protect Yourself against Key Loggers?

There are ways you can protect yourself against key loggers.

1.      Use Firewall

The way most key loggers work is that, they will have to transmit some type of information back to the attacker for it to cause any harm. This means that some data will have to be sent from your computer through the internet, to the attacker.

As the malware has to send info to the hacker via the internet, the message will pass through the firewall. This means that if your firewall is active, then there is a chance that the firewall can notice the Keylogger in the event it sends a message out.

However, there may also be a chance that it will not notice anything. This is because an easily terminated Keylogger is of no use to a potential attacker; therefore, they will have most probably thought of this option beforehand.

The firewall is however still essential, as it may notice the malware carrying the Keylogger, even if it can’t see the Keylogger itself. This will protect you from potentially harmful threats of the Keylogger.

Plus, it will also come with a lot of other uses to the computer, so it is better to have one than not to have one on the computer.

2.      Change Your Passwords

If you suspect anything wrong, change the passwords as fast as possible. Another great way to help protect yourself is to have a pattern of changing the passwords, such as a weekly daily or another system of change for the passwords.

A schedule for changing passwords will help ensure you have a defense against Keyloggers if they happen to infiltrate the computer.

Frequent changes of the passwords will help prevent loss of data even if there is a KeyLogger attack as they cannot get into the device with a changed password. This means that the attackers will have to launch a whole new attack to the computer to gain to get access.

3.      Install a Password Manager

Another way to ensure you are kept safe from Keyloggers is through the installation of a passwords manager.

You can use a strong password for single-use purposes. However, it should be noted that it is not easy to remember several long passwords across the number of sites you may register to.

Being that Keyloggers are made to copy the keystrokes, the question is, what if you don’t type any passwords? This is where password managers come in handy.

However, password managers also come with some downsides such as: There are password managers that will not copy or paste your passwords.

Password managers will use an auto type function to input the password. What a Keylogger will do, if it’s any good that is, it will copy virtual keystrokes too. However, one of the more powerful Keyloggers will also take screenshots, and record the contents of the clipboard.

There are some even more dangerous versions of malware that will target offline passwords databases and steal the entire list rather than one at a time.

However, this is not a cause to lose hope. Different password managers come at different heights of functionality, where some password managers can negate the potential of the above Keyloggers while others cannot.

An excellent example of one such password manager is the KeePass, which will negate the first and second issue mentioned above, regarding Keyloggers.

It does this through a two-channel Auto-Type Obfuscation (TCATO). What happens is that TCATO will split the password into two, and send them both to the clipboard, after which it will merge them both in the password field.

The TCATO mechanism is, however, by their admission not 100% secure. This is because, according to them, “theoretically it is not possible to make a special spy application, which purposely logs obscured auto type.”

The password manager is not meant to stop a Keylogger. Instead, it quickly and sufficiently replaces this password. This is effective when you are up to the task, changing the passwords constantly.

4.      Constant Updates of the System

A regularly updated system is the best advice for a computer user. An updated system means it can detect new forms of malware before they wreak havoc on the computer.

Keyloggers tend to look at any kind of vulnerabilities they can find on an outdated system, which they can then take advantage of. Security developers and researchers will look for any type of vulnerabilities that may be available, and patch them immediately.

However, any kind of exploits that are not patched may be a source of entry by the hacker to the computer.

There is also another kind of vulnerabilities, such as zero-day threats. This carries a significant amount of risk, as can be witnessed by the CIA, when it realized that a bunch of hackers had taken control of their previously unknown zero-day vulnerabilities, which led to the WannaCry ransomware.

Updating software may not stop all the threats and Keyloggers; however, they will play a part in preventing some threats from taking over the computer.

5.      Consider Additional Security Tools

One of the best ways to help prevent the computer from losing valuable info to Keyloggers is through additional security.

The default security may be good, but for the best protection, additional security will always be better. This can be done through effective antivirus software that is equipped to handle Keyloggers.

So Which Are The Best Keylogger Detectors


In recent years, McAfee has become one of the best products in the market. This is after it separated from Intel and redesigned its interface to become one of the best antiviruses in the market on the level of such leaders as Norton and Kaspersky.

The antivirus will protect you against all kinds of threats, performing at 99% when it comes to zero-day threats.

The antivirus also comes with a number of features suited to protect the computer from any kind of threats and malware.

The antivirus will carry out both quick and full scans and will do so at a fast pace, dependent on the size of the storage and processor speeds for the antivirus.

When it comes to scanning, the antivirus will provide you with pop-ups, which will give you some useful information, such as flagged files and which files are being scanned.

The antivirus will also come with a vulnerability scanner. This will come in handy as it searches for out of date programs and software in the computer.

This is important because if the software are not up to date, they may pave way for hackers to infiltrate the computer in case it connects to the computer.

The antivirus also comes with a quick clean option. This helps prevent unwanted cookies or other kinds of temporary folders on the browser.

The antivirus also comes with a password manager, a great tool against Keyloggers. The password manager will provide an auto-fill option, password generator, digital wallet, and safe notes.

The antivirus will also come with a web advisor. This will tell you about malicious websites and warn you in case of downloading suspicious attachments.

The antivirus also comes with an anti-theft function that will help prevent loss of important information, through dark web monitoring. Through this feature, you will get notified if there has been any loss of info through the dark web.


Kaspersky comes with fantastic malware protection that scans the system constantly, instantly blocking malware while at the same time protecting the computer from viruses and any other kind of threats such as ransomware.

The antivirus also comes with real-time protection, which is quite effective. The real time protection will come in handy in preventing any sort of new viruses and threats that may be of risk for the device.

When it comes to scanning, the antivirus is quite effective, identifying all kinds of threats introduced to it, plus doing so with a reduced toll to the computer processor.

The antivirus also comes with a cloud protection service. This allows for the increased viability for the antivirus to protect against malware as it can have your device send its data to Kaspersky, which will enable it to gather more information about potential threats.

This information will then be shared with all Kaspersky users.

The antivirus also comes with a password manager who goes a long way in dealing with issues arising from keylogging.

The password manager can automatically log you into an online account, meaning it will reduce the chances for keylogging. This is due to the lack of need for keying in passwords that can be hacked through Keyloggers.

The antivirus also will help protect against Keyloggers and cybercrime through the safe money feature. This feature will automatically detect whether you are about to make a payment or use online banking.

The safe money feature will come with a protected browser, which will be used to access any kind of banking features.

The antivirus will also come with an on-screen keyboard. This will help safeguard Keyloggers from copying your passwords, the keyboard is virtual, and all you do is click on the necessary keys.

The antivirus also comes with a VPN, which will also help protect your identity and the location of the user. This helps make it harder for Keyloggers to triangulate to your site, or use your IP address to track you.

The antivirus will also come with privacy cleaner. This will help delete any activity traces on the device, making it even harder for Keyloggers to access your info.

Protection Software – Norton

Norton is another great antivirus that will help protect you from any Keyloggers.

The antivirus ranks among the top when it comes to antiviruses.

The antivirus performed exceptionally well against all the threats and viruses introduced to it, getting up to 99% of all malware introduced to it.

The antivirus will also run scans on the computer without adding a lot of baggage to the processor. Dependent on the bulk and processor speeds, the antivirus will take as little time as possible to run a full scan, having minimum impact on the processor, and it will not interfere with your other work.

Apart from this, the antivirus also comes with a cloud backup. This allows it to secure storage for your important files, making it less prone to Keyloggers, as you will have the critical info stored on the cloud.

The cloud backup is also essential, as it will allow you to access the storage through multiple devices, making it even harder for Keyloggers to trace you.

The antivirus also comes with a VPN and it does not keep any record of your browsing history; neither will it expose your IP. This means that Keyloggers cannot trace you through IP.

The antivirus also comes with a password manager. The password manager will help you automatically access any sites without you leaving an essential trail. It will also provide you with several passwords in case you want to change passwords constantly.

AVG Antivirus

AVG is a revered and powerful antivirus. One of the great things about this antivirus is that it will have its scanner always on, keeping track of any changes you might make, and ensure nothing happens on the device. It also has an increased speed of sans due to its turbo speed.

The antivirus also comes with ransomware and an enhanced firewall, which helps prevent Keyloggers from accessing your computer.

The antivirus also comes with a security capability that is way above par. The tests carried out to test the effectiveness of the antivirus stopped each attack introduced to it at a level of 99%, including the viruses it had no prior knowledge of, including zero-day threats.

The antivirus also comes with an option for checking your emails for scams or spams that may target your info or the device itself. In case the antivirus detects any kind of website posing any kind of risk, it will notify you immediately.

Apart from this, the antivirus also comes with several layers of protection, which make it harder for Keyloggers to access your info.

The antivirus will also have a low impact on the performance of the device, meaning that it can run in the background without causing any lagging.

The antivirus also comes with an easy to use interface, making it easier to access and run preferred actions in the software without problems.

Anti KeyLogger – Bitdefender

The way Bitdefender works is such that it comes with a scanner, which is essential for hunting down known threats. This comes coupled with a heuristic monitor that will look for behavioral signs of a threat, virus, or infection.

The antivirus also comes with a server’s mix, where malware updates are constantly sent to over 400million systems running the Bitdefender software, making it fully are of any new threats and existing threats that may pose a risk to the computer or device.

The antivirus also comes with a feature, which will store items in a folder that cannot change or get deleted. It also comes with a ransom remediation feature, which will save copies of files that are getting encrypted to allow for their automatic recovery.

Bitdefender also performed excellently when it came to virus and threat protection. Its AV-TESS show that the antivirus performed at between 98.9 and 100% on all threats introduced to it. That includes zero-day threats, making it one heck of an antivirus!

Bitdefender also comes with an anti-tracker feature. This makes web browsing a lot more private plus will also show you blocked items, and page load times. The anti-tracker will accommodate multiple browsers such as internet explorer, Firefox, or chrome.

The antivirus also comes with a password manager, which will also accommodate a number of browsers such as Firefox, Chrome or Internet explorer. It will also come with its private browser that is safer to use, and well monitored.

Bitdefender also comes with a two-way firewall, which will enhance the security against Keyloggers.

Apart from the easy to use interface, the antivirus will also come with little effect on the system processor, promising no lag on the computer as it carries it scans and monitors the device.


The Avast antivirus comes with quite a competent security mechanism that will keep viruses, malware, and Keyloggers at bay. The antivirus will detect any outdated software, malicious browser add-ons, weak passwords, and unprotected sensitive documents.

The antivirus also comes with data-loss prevention technology. This comes in handy in the storage of dates such as credit card and social security numbers. This will help keep sensitive information well protected.

The virus tests conducted on the antivirus showed that the antivirus was highly rated. It was excellent in detecting and mitigating vectors, such as drive-by vectors plus other types of threats such as code injection attacks.

The antivirus will also detect malware that may come through it, whether or not carrying Keyloggers. It will then quarantine and delete them.

The antivirus will also protect your device from sites that may introduce malware to your computer or device. How it works is such that, it will interrupt malware sites at the download stage, and attempt to delete them.

The antivirus will also protect you from phishing sites, and block them from accessing the computer. It will also come with advanced security scans, plus full virus scans. The antivirus will also come with a boot-time scanner, which will prevent the more stubborn viruses from reinstalling themselves into the computer.

The antivirus has over 300 million users all over the world, just to show how popular it is. It comes with filters and scans, which help prevent Keyloggers from accessing your device.

The antivirus also comes with real time protection, plus a secure SafeZone browser and a password manager.

G Data Antivirus

The antivirus comes with exploit protection plus anti-ransom and a secure browser.

The antivirus comes with over 30 years in the market, plus it will rely on a number of technologies that are handy in the protection of our device from malware and other kinds of threats.

The antivirus also comes with a malware detection engine and a cloud-based layer of security. It is also quite amazing when it comes to URL filtering.

The antivirus is also Keylogger protected and comes well trusted by its users based on the reviews.


Based on the level of online and internet dependence today, it is advisable to ensure you are well protected against Keyloggers to help keep your sensitive information safe and prevent your passwords from being hacked.

You can choose any of the strategies mentioned in this article. For starters, you can use the given tactics of preventing Keylogger attacks, or install any of the said anti keyloggers.

If you know of any other way of remaining safe, give us your view in the comment box below.

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