10 Best Antivirus Software with VPN Included

Are you looking or an antivirus that comes with a strong VPN? We have compiled a list of the best antiviruses out there.Antiviruses are an essential element in your system and computer networks, that is if you don’t want possible hackings and loss of valuable data of course!

Most well-known antivirus programs will come with VPN’s included; however, these VPN’s are extremely slow, not completely secure, and also offer a small number of gigabytes per day for use. This increases the chances that you can still be tracked and spied on. High-quality VPN’s, on the other hand, won’t track your internet usage, will protect you from WI-FI hackers, and will also enable you to access geo-restricted content from various locations.

Most of the antivirus packages come in tiers, where you will get both the antivirus and VPN for free, but for better results, you will have to pay some money. It is quite hard to get a company offering a strong VPN and powerful antivirus, so after scouring the net and in-depth research, we have come up with some of the best antiviruses with strong VPN’s.

Here are the best antivirus software with VPN included, plus software with free antivirus and VPN packages included

1.      Norton

This is an antivirus and anti-malware software.

The software was first developed in 1991; a product of Symantec Corporation, and it was part of their computer security product. The company has achieved a lot in their roughly 28 years’ existence and has won several awards.

Norton helps protect your computer from viruses, spyware, worms, and Trojan horses, from affecting your computer. The software works such that it performs constant scans to your computer, protecting it from any viruses that might have entered and affected the computer while at the same time preventing any new viruses from entering the computer.

The antivirus isolates anything of risk to the computer and immediately alerts you.

Norton also comes with a protection mechanism for using an instant messaging program.

The antivirus also protects the computer from phishing sites. Phishing sites are risky as they might gain access to private information such as passwords and usernames to other websites.

Norton is also automated, meaning soon as you turn on your computer the antivirus goes active. The antivirus will inform you in case you are on an internet search and you click on a backlink to another site that happens to be infected with a virus or harmful malware, Norton will immediately alert you. The virus will be quarantined or removed.

The software is also constantly updated through the Symantec live update function. Any new viruses that may be introduced will be part of the Norton update, ensuring it helps keep you safe from both new and old viruses.

Apart from the extensive effect, it has on an antivirus, the company behind Norton s also known for their superior VPN services. Norton Secure VPN can be used in up to five devices simultaneously.

It is impressive that Norton antivirus also comes with a VPN service, with features like bank-grade encryption, ad-blocker, anonymous browsing, parental control, and other features.

The Norton package comes at a $79.99 but with a limited time $40 discount.

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2.      AVG

AVG is another powerful antivirus that offers standalone VPN services too.

AVG software does not come with a browser extension; rather, it uses pop-up messages in case your computer runs into any kind of malware. This helps ease the use of the antivirus, as it is easier to reach and remove any kind of viruses. However, it may be annoying if there is a lot of malware and the pop-ups are persistent.

How AVG works is such that it places infected files in quarantine, and only allows you to access them after you are aware of the warnings, and the kind of viruses they have.

Only after you’ve learned the kind of viruses the computer has, can you instruct the software to return the files to where you previously wanted them before deleting the rest of the viruses?

AVG also comes with some advanced security tools. A good example is a spam and filter that scans your incoming email messages to ensure they are not spamming and no malware is attached to the email or an attachment.

AVG will run system performance scans and will tell you if there is an out of date software on your computer or a weak password you can strengthen. The software will also let you exclude files you don’t want to be scanned, through keeping it from the software scan preferences.

The AVG antivirus also has a possibility of running in the background in a passive mode. This means that the software has the option for working with another antivirus program you may have installed on the computer. It will not require an uninstallation of the antivirus.

A great thing about the AVG antivirus is that it automatically knows when to run in the background, and also knows when to step up and perform the lead role on the computer.

The AVG antivirus also comes with a VPN perfect for newbies. The VPN also comes pre-enabled with the requirements you would expect from any VPN services. Not only does the AVG VPN support 256-bit AES encryption, but also offers over 50 server locations. The VPN also guarantees no logs and can accommodate over five devices simultaneously.

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3.      Free Antivirus and VPN Packages -Avast

Avast is one of the more popular antiviruses on the market. It features a rich system light and pretty secure to boot.

The Avast antivirus also comes with both the free and paid version.

The paid version comes with some extra features that make it well worth the money. Also at the amount of money, the paid version comes at.

Avast protects your computer from basic malware, secure browsing, network protection, and behavior monitoring. The software also comes with a sandbox mode for testing files, a password manager and more.

The password manager will store your store logins, credit cards, and notes and fill them in your browser. Something special about the Avast antivirus is that the sandbox mode comes with a way for you to test suspicious files in a safe environment. This will come in handy in pirates that store a lot of data from the web.

The software also comes with a secure browser. The browser looks and feels similar to google but without the google integration.

Avast also comes with added incentives such as allowing you to download videos from platforms like YouTube and Vimeo. It can also grab files from a streaming platform like Netflix.

The Avast secure browser is also quite different from most antiviruses as it is faster and also comes with an ad and flash blocks. As opposed to most antiviruses, the software does not sew up or lag from the secure browsing.

If you opt for the normal Avast browser, the software will still offer more protection. It uses real-time monitoring along with a feature called real site for spoof webpages. The software will protect against DNS redirection directing out from an authentic URL to a fake one, where hackers can steal your passwords.

The software also comes with a standalone VPN for ultimate security.

Some of the best features are:

  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to use
  • Network protection
  • Pc performer enhancer
  • Active community

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4.      Best Antivirus Software with VPN Included –Avira phantom

Avira came into the market with a different style.

Most antivirus companies come with a VPN offer. This VPN is mainly based on white-labels services from a third party such as Anchor Free of hotspot shield fame. Avira took a different approach with their VPN through building a phantom VPN pro.

Avira includes the free VPN as part of its security package. However, they have the option of purchasing the VPN free.

In terms of security, Avira phantom is the most secure option.

The software offers both free and paid tiers for the VPN.

For the free version of the VPN, the service is limited to around 500 megabytes per month. The free version will offer most of the features you get with a paid version; however, it will lack the unlimited bandwidth an internet kill switch and tech support.

Apart from selecting the country locations to use while the VPN is active, the phantom VPN is quite simple to use. The VPN will also show you ping between you and each server location. This will help find the best location based on speed.

The VPN also supports unlimited devices connected simultaneously from a single account. The VPN will also add the browser safety add on which will help check for malicious sites and offer protection, ad blocking and protection against unwanted programs.

The VPN speeds are quite decent, as they reach around 14.08% in the UK, reaching up to 20Mbps and can go up to 86Mps.

The company says that I will not rack websites you visit, IP addresses and the IP address connected to. However, they will track diagnostic data. Avira will also track whether you are a free or paid user. The company will also track the total amount of data you use.

The software will take an email address and password, your name, country location, and zip code. The site will also accept credit cards, PayPal and Bitcoin.

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5.      McAfee safe connect

Previously McAfee would have gotten some slack over lagging issues; however, in recent years, the company has upped their game. The software has been optimized and has refined, with its programs optimized for peak performance.

The McAfee software is quite fast and light that you can surf the web, watch videos and listen to music without interruptions. The antivirus has become so efficient that it will scan while uploading and downloading files.

The software will also prevent malicious files before they have a chance to start downloading. The software will also display a warning with the details of a lingering threat. The antivirus will also provide details on what you are getting protection from, in terms of the possible threats.

The McAfee software is available to both windows, and mac on both android and IOS cellphones and tablets.

The McAfee total protection also comes with parental controls that will block inappropriate websites and let you set controls for your children. It also comes with encrypted storage to help secure sensitive files so hackers or ransomware cannot penetrate them.

The software also comes with password managers a personal firewall, a vulnerability scanner, and cryptocurrency shields. Apart from the several licenses that accompany the software, the site also gets the McAfee 100% protection for virus removal. The offer comes with insurance that each virus is removed and the computer returned to its pre-attached state, or you have the right to a refund.

The antivirus also comes with a VPN option. The VPN comes with bank-grade encryption, WI-FI protection, private internet access and more. The VPN also accommodates up to 5 different devices simultaneously and free customer support.

The antivirus also comes with a 50% discount and costs around $47.99 a year.

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6.      Kaspersky

Kaspersky is another spectacular antivirus.

The software is a product of the Kaspersky labs, designed to protect against viruses and malware. The antivirus is available for IOS, android and Linux.

The software comes with real-time protection against viruses, Trojans, worms, spyware, adware and key loggers. The software also comes with instantaneous automatic updates through the Kaspersky security network.

There have been doubts using the Kaspersky antivirus as it is Russian based software. At a certain point, the US government had been worried about the use of antivirus in the country.

The Kaspersky legal problems were, however, resolved, and the company can operate freely within America.

The Kaspersky VPN Is called the Kaspersky secure connection. The VPN comes with military-grade 256-bit AES encryption and DNS leak protection. The VPN is super easy to use and offers one-click connectivity, five simultaneous connections, and compatibility with IOS, windows, and macOS.

The pricing is $29.99 a year.

Some of the cons associated with the VPN, however, are:

  • The VPN lacks a kill switch
  • The VPN also lacks an IPv6 leak connection
  • The VPN does not also have any kind of anti-malware and ad-blockers

7.      Bitdefender

The software comes in both a freeware and premium package that includes a VPN service and 24-hour tech support. The antivirus also comes with several features that make it a contender among the top antivirus software.

The Bitdefender software comes with a hardened browser, easy customization, and ransomware protection. The software will also not cause any lagging on your computer even when you are running more than one software with Bitdefender scanning in the background.

The antivirus also offers you many different choices based on the fie versions and several unlimited plans the site has.

The Bitdefender antivirus comes with an unlimited password manager file shredder, WI-FI network scanner, a hardened web browser and anti-tracker web privacy features. This is available for entry-level Bitdefender antivirus and goes for $40 up to $80 for up to 10 systems.

The software is also exclusively for windows-based devices.

It also comes with parental controls file encryption a two-way firewall plus an anti-spam screening. This will apply to the Bitdefender internet security and goes for between $60 and $90 for up to 10 systems.

For the bit defender total security, the antivirus will handle Macs and Android devices, plus the antivirus website screening and phone-tracking app for I-phones and iPad. The features will let you track your lost, stolen notebooks and goes from around $90 per year for up to five devices and $100 for up to 10 devices

All paid Bitdefender services come with a VPN service. However, unless you are paying an extra $40 a year, you will be limited to 2000mb of data daily on their VPN service.

There is an option for unlimited VPN use with premium security features. It goes for $150 for ten systems.

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8.      Webroot

Webroot is another cool antivirus.

The software was developed with both speed and security in mind.

Webroot comes with a different kind of approach to malware detection. The antivirus is cloud-based, reducing the size of the application. A cloud-based approach also makes the scans quicker, with no reduction in performance for the computer.

The antivirus also comes with other features such as real-time threat monitoring, ransomware protection and anti-phishing filters and firewall.

Just as many antiviruses, Webroot also comes in the form of tiers, and the more you play, the better the access. As you go up the tiers, you will get support for more devices, plus password managers. The premium offers for the antivirus have 25GB of storage.

For the tiers that Webroot has, it uses the features and not the number of devices, to differentiate the tiers

The antivirus also comes with a 14-day trial for each user to assess the software.

In terms of user-friendliness, the antivirus is non-intrusive, performs scans while leaving the browser unchanged. On installing the software, it will run a scan and familiarize with the applications.

Instead of a reactive model, Webroot is proactive in real-time endpoint monitoring as it defends each point individually while gathering and analyzing data to grow the cloud database/ of malware.

The antivirus will also scan the hardware and optimize it to scan the fastest speed possible.

The interface also comes with a VPN service allowing anonymity while browsing.

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9.      Panda premium

Panda premium is another top antivirus.

As with most antiviruses, panda premium also comes in tiers, and the more you pay, the better the experience.

Panda premium offers options for yearly and monthly subscriptions.

The premium package is quite expensive compared to its competitors at between $100 and $155 a year. For the panda dome premium, you will pay up to $263 for ten devices, as compared to Norton, which will charge $110 for the same number of devices.

It may be expensive, but you get to have a ton of features readily available. The dome premium option unifies all your interfaces across bot the mobile and the pc platform. The program window is the right size and places all the main features in a single scrolling list with each icon shaped like an IOS app icon.

The badges in the antivirus are informative; scrolling down is easy. The antivirus option will show you the latest scans quarantine files and scheduled scans.

Another feature of the panda dome premium is the PC cleanup, which comes with tools like the disk defragmenter, hard drive cleaner and start apps manager. They are all built into the windows 10, or you can get them for free with a third-party utility. However, if you want them in one place panda dome provides for that too.

The antivirus also comes with a VPN with premium protection at an unlimited bandwidth and 21 different Country locations.

The antivirus also comes with 24 hr. support plus notable WI-FI protection.

For the price it comes at the panda dome has many features, which might even overwhelm the normal user, however, for the more advanced users in a high virus infection risk, the panda dome is the antivirus for you. Plus, it tests high in the removal and identification of both malware and viruses.

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10.  f-secure

The antivirus has won an AV test award for the level of protection it offers five times in a row!

The antivirus comes with tiers and is quite low in terms of features for the low-end tiers.

One of the unique aspects of the F-secure antivirus is banking protection. As soon as you browse into a payment portal, the antivirus will start a banking protocol that offers protection against fraud. Through checking the URL against the database, you will get to understand whether the site is trusted or not.

F secure will then disconnect all the untrusted applications if you are a windows user, and block them from reconnecting while the transaction takes place.

Between the safe and total plans is where the features start to increase. More and more devices are included in these tiers from the MAC IOs and android. For android users, there is a safe browser option, which will monitor mobile sites before accessing them.


Don’t underestimate the power of a good antivirus. With most antiviruses offering a paid version as the best version, get a paid package and access the best features to keep your devices and networks safe.

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