Which Chrome Password Managers Stand Out In 2020

Password managers are essential for your online security. Take a look at our list of the ten best software for your password security.You must be concerned about hackers intruding on your private information, or you may be concerned with whether the passwords you created are strong enough against hackers.

Either way, if you’re looking for the best password manager for your Google chrome in 2020, look no further.

We have a consolidated list of the best software for your passwords, coupled with reasons why they stand out from the crowd.

Let’s take a look!

The Best Password Managers for Chrome


Lastpass is one of the more fantastic password managers in the market. It outshines its competitors as it comes with an unlimited number of passwords you can synch to one account.

The way the software works in terms of pricing is through features, where you will only pay for an added number of features and not the number of passwords you can store per plan.

Downloading and registering into LastPass will be a breeze, thanks to the easy to use interface. The password manager also gives you a walkthrough as you register and save various passwords for all the websites you are registered to.

You get a couple of amazing features that will come in handy for you, depending on the preference and choice, including synching between virtually all OS types to get your passwords all in one place, including windows and Chromebook.

The password manager also comes with the capability of automatically filling your credentials once you return to a site.

You will also get a vault where you can store your passwords. The vault comes full of categories for you to save your passwords, differentially dependent on preference. Apart from passwords, the software provides options for saving other important information, such as credit card details.

You will also get a password generator with the capability of creating passwords based on how you want the characters to appear. This means you can create passwords based on website requirements, without having to do all the work yourself.

The antivirus also comes with emergency access. This works by nominating a certain contact who can acquire or access your passwords if anything happens to you. This works if the nominated user is accessing the same software. The main user leaving the app information will then have to provide details as to when the nominated inheritor will access the account.

After this is done all the account inheritor has to do is request for the account through support, and acquire access to the account.


Dashlane is another fantastic password manager with enough features to guarantee your passwords a safe home. The password manager comes with strong security combined with a VPN, plus it will scan your system for compromised or weak passwords.

Dashlane will offer its users a free version of the password manager with limited access to the number of features. You will pay between $29.99 and $59.99 a year, depending on the plan you chose to buy.

The software will work with virtually all OS devices across the board.

You get to use the two-factor authentication system if you decide to. This will happen after you download and register for the software. You will have to add a phone number and an SMS backup.

Some of the features you can expect from the password manager include the fingerprint reader and a true key, which is a multifunctional authenticator. You can also expect facial recognition software for all compatible devices.

Dashlane password manager will also let you import passwords from other password managers and other browsers. The software also comes with a desktop app, with an easy to use layout.

Dashlane password manager comes with an extension supported by chrome, edge, Firefox opera, and safari. The extension can function as a standalone, meaning you can use the software on any platform as long as you have the supported browser, so get your Chromebook, or any other device and start saving your passwords!

The password manager will also offer emergency access.

You will also have access to secure password sharing, meaning a group can acquire the same password without the risk of leaking it. The password manager also comes with a dark web scan, which will inform you when your passwords or information is found somewhere on the dark web.

You will also get an inbox scan, which will ensure you have no threats in your inbox.

The Dashlane is an amazing password manager, and it will work well with both mobile phones and computer systems.

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The Enpass password manager is quite impressive as it uses cloud storage for syncing and will store your passwords locally.

Another advantage of the password manager is how it works in terms of pricing. The password manager works because all users who get the desktop app for Windows, Mac, and Linux will use the software free, with the capability to sync across all these devices, plus you get all the features for free.

The password manager also comes with a portable version of the software that can run through a USB.

You get free twenty-five passwords on the Enpass; however, above this, you will have to get into a plan.

Remember that Enpass will only offer you the master password once you download and install the software. It is important to note that in case you lose the password, you may end up oozing your information to ensure your memories and keep your master password safe.

The software will also offer you security with which you combine with the masher key to help encrypt your passwords.

The password manager will also provide you with multiple vaults for arranging your passwords, as you’d want.

To save on cost, the software, as previously stated, will save your passwords locally and synch devices through the cloud.

The password manager also comes with a web extension that will provide a list of credit cards and identities. The extensions will all come with a password generator plus a search bar.

The password manager also comes with mobile software, plus it is easy to use and will provide the necessary support for your business or personal life.


Another important password manager, in terms of strength and durability, is the 1passsword. The software is best for people planning to share passwords with multiple users securely. It also comes with a free account, although the number of features will not be as impressive.

The 1password is simple in layout and usability and will be compatible with both new and experienced users.

It comes with limited support; however, the software includes an informative FAQ page and online resources that cater to your needs.

The 1 password manager comes in four distinct plans, from the personal plan, the family business plans, and enterprise plans. Each plan comes at a different price, with different plans having different features. However, regardless of the plan you choose, you will get a thirty-day free trial to acquaint yourself with the password manager.

Some of the features you expect to find with the 1 password manager are a two-factor authentication system. The encryption is AES-256which is the best encryption level there is currently.

Apart from the encryption, the password manager will also offer you multi-device sync, plus backup and recovery capabilities. The software will also come with a password generator, which can create passwords based on the website requirement.

The software will automatically save your passwords meaning you don’t have to re-typing them as you return to a website.

The 1 password manager will also provide its users with browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and opera.

You will also get watchtower features, which will help rank your passwords between the strongest and the weakest. It also provides other useful security features such as checking for websites with or without the two-factor authentication enabled.

The 1 password manager will also provide users with a travel mode, where certain information deemed too precious can be stored in a vault till the travel is over. Speaking of vaults, the software will also offer the users multiple numbers of the features to store their information.

The software also comes in a relatively easy to use interface that will be self-explanatory, for both new and old-timers with the software.

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Zoho Vault

Zoho Vault is an amazing password manager that will perform in its field while also providing users with one of the most impressive free plans compared to other password managers. The password manager, however, cannot provide filling abilities, plus it may have a problem handling certain passwords from some sites such as Gmail.

When it comes to plans, the software has four different plans, including the free plan, a standard plan professional, and an enterprise plan.

By default, once you register to the software, you are on the free plan. It comes with several useful features that may turn out to be what you are looking for.

For small businesses, the best plan would be the standard plan as it integrates the software with Gmail and office suite 365. The best plans for bigger businesses would be either the enterprise or the professional plan, due to the number of licenses, access controls, and secure password sharing. Plus, you get a fifteen-day trial for up to five users.

Some of the features you expect to find with the Zoho Vault password manager include user management and password assessment reports. This will ensure that although a couple of people may have access to the software, they are not leaving important information vulnerable to weak passwords.

The software will also only import your passwords from other password managers as CSV files and upload them, keeping them safe even during the transfer.

The software also comes with features for a super administrator in case a couple of people use the password manager. The super administrator has the power to control a couple of things, such as give or remove access. They can also acquire secrets and change the two-factor authenticator, among other features.

You will also get an automatic backup for your passwords in case they ever got lost.

The software also comes with an easy to use layout coupled with twenty-four-hour support to help you in case of any problems with the password manager.


If you are looking for a simple password manager for your individuals, small business, or enterprise, Bitwarden is the password manager for you. It comes at an affordable rate, with similar features to some of the more expensive password managers. The software is easy to set up, plus it comes with some good security features.

It also comes with browser extensions for all major browsers, including tor and brave.

One of the things that help the Bitwarden password manager stand out is the open-source software it relies on, meaning it is open for user improvement and interaction. The free plan of the software also comes with several features compared to other password managers.

The software is also quite versatile as it comes with the capability of synching multiple passwords through web apps, smartphone apps, and browser extensions.

The software does not have so many features as its competition; however, you do get enough features to secure your information efficiently.

You will get a password generator and create a sequence of characters you prefer as the password.

Another impressive feature of the Bitwarden password manager is the business use reporting, where for businesses, the software will provide you with a report generating function. The report will involve notifying you about the weak passwords, inactive two-factor authentication systems, and logins on unsecure websites.

You will also get a web app with the Bitwarden password manager. It is intuitive, functional, and easy to use; however, it does not automatically categorize your passwords.

Another amazing feature of the Bitwarden software is the auto capturing capability for your passwords, meaning you don’t have to keep on re-typing passwords when you go back to a website. This comes in handy in helping prevent key loggers from capturing your software.

The password manager is easy to download and set up, with many options for you as you set it up. Remember to keep your master password safe after registration as if you lose it; you may be unable to access your account and loose valuable information.

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Myki is a great password manager for both individual and team users. It comes with several options for storage and is quite easy to use. If you’re in an enterprise, you can get a nice reporting capability with the software, from seeing where users are geographically, to separating employees into groups in terms of password access.

The password manager comes with a couple of plans including

  • Custom tags
  • Custom account image
  • Custom profiles
  • Custom categories
  • Smartphone app

Myki comes with both a desktop and a mobile password manager.

You can expect to find all the standard features you would expect in a standard password manager, with a few bonuses.

You can add browser extensions across the mobile and desktop apps and add passwords across it.

The software’s two-factor authentication has to be activated before you get a password. A message will come in through your mobile phone and notify you to grant access to the two-factor mechanism to be adopted. You also have the opportunity to use your phone as the main storage for your 2FA.

If you are working in or with a team, the software will accommodate you as it comes with a couple of features best suited for a team, including separate vaults, user groups. It can provide specific requirements for certain people. The software will also provide you with an opportunity to generate reports with location tracking.

It will take you about two minutes to install the software, with an easy and helpful walkthrough as you install.

The password manager will store all your information offline and have a six-digit PIN, which, if you lose, you will have lost all your information unless you backed it up.


The simplicity attached to blur is what makes the software stand out. It comes with an easy to use dashboard with all the features displayed. The software is best suited for people who want something easy and straight forward they can work with.

The blur software will provide you with AES-256 bit encryption software with a single master password, auto-sync, and cloud backups when it comes to security.

The password manager comes with an email, phone, and credit masking capabilities. This means the software can forward fake details such as email addresses keeping you safe from scammers and spammers. The software will create random fake numbers for your credit card to prevent phishing websites from accessing them.

The software also comes with an auto-fill feature. This means that you don’t have to keep on filling certain regular details asked for by websites.

For the more private users, the software will also feature an anti-tracking feature.

The software comes with two plans, the free and premium versions. Some of the features like the masking capability are available only for paid users; however, the free version also comes with many free features.

Blur does not come with a synching capability, and users have the choice between masking and synching. Users will have to choose between synching and masking when deciding whether they want this password manager or another.

The pricing is also quite affordable, plus the free version is also well worth it.


One of the popular password managers based on the robust security ad sharing capabilities is the keeper password manager. The antivirus comes with top of the line features and a two-factor authentication system.

The software comes with a couple of plans, from a fee plan to a keeper messaging service. The software also comes with some extra charges for some features you might want.

You will get up to 10GB of space for your passwords, plus the number of licenses per user will vary based on the plan you choose. However, the more you pay, the more access and features you get.

The software will also require you to keep your master password safe, after registering to the website. It comes with a zero-knowledge style, which means it will not keep a copy of your master password, and therefore no means of recovery.

If you don’t like the constant login in, the keeper comes with the option for automatic capturing, making it easy to log in to a return website.

When it comes to security, the keeper comes with several vaults, a password generator, and, as previously stated, a 2FA mechanism. You also have the potential for secure sharing of passwords as long as they are on the same software.

You will also get access to great support and FAQ area where you can search for solutions to any problems you might be experiencing.


Roboform is a feature-full password manager specifically designed to serve businesses. Roboform will work across nearly all platforms and maybe the contender for the best password manager around.

Roboform is easy to set up, and it comes with several extensions for all browser platforms. However, to access any of the app’s features, you have to create an account with the software.

The interface may not be the best looking out there, but the software makes up for it through the strength of security and ease of use.

The software comes with AES-256 encryption plus a 2fa system. You also get advanced administrator controls that will allow you to manage employee passwords and separate them into desired groups effectively. Businesses also get public-private key cryptography where administrators will share credentials with employees without them having to see the passwords themselves.

Some of the features you expect to find with the Roboform software include a password generator, a one-click login, a cross-platform password syncing, and offline access. The software will also include an integration of folders, helping you store your passwords in your preferred ways.

Apart from password sharing features, the password manager will also include an emergency access feature. In case one of the employees losses access to their account, the software will provide access to their data.

The password manager will also provide you with great customer support. You have several avenues to reach them; including email, phones, plus you will also get a lot of online material regarding the software.

How the software is priced depends on the number of licenses you want. The categories differ between 1and 100o licenses, with each plan coming at a different price.


The best advice before paying for any of the password managers provided above would be to take them for a run, and test them out enough to know which software works best for you.

You might be surprised to get a free version that is perfect for your needs.

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