Which Are The Best Passwords Managers for Windows?

Password Managers are increasingly becoming necessary due to the need for internet in the modern world. Stick with us for the best software to use for your passwords.Anyone who takes some time online is bound to register and navigate online websites that will require passwords. Some of these websites may end up holding some of your essential information or financial data, which, if stolen, will leave you with a couple of problems.

Most people are concerned with how their information is handled and will enlist the help of any security measures that will guarantee their protection from hackers and potential risks. When it comes to passwords and online credentials, password managers are the best choice. They protect you from loss of passwords and help prevent tracking, Keylogging, and protect your financial information from theft.

If you are looking for a legit password manager that will offer all-around protection, you are in the right place. This article will provide an all-round review of the best password managers for your devices.

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Criteria for Choosing the Best Password Manager

In selecting the password managers that will appear on this list, we had to rely on some outstanding qualities:

1.       Security

One of the most essential features of a password manager is the security strength associated with the software.

As a standard, most password managers will use an AES -256-bit encryption. Other critical security features include a two-factor authentication system and zero-knowledge protocols.

2.       Ease of Use

Another important feature associated with the software is usability. To cater to an increased number of users, you will need a password manager that is easy to use, reducing the hassle associated with complicated software where a user will take a long time before familiarizing themselves with the software.

The way the interface is laid out and how the various knobs and buttons are placed should be clear and straightforward.

3.       Features

Another essential element of the best password managers is the number of features they come with. Features help a lot as they add layers of protection to the software and provide other significant hassle reducing elements such as the auto-fill options, making the usability of the software more user-friendly.

4.       Customer Support

Customer support is another essential element of a good password manager as it will help the user in case they get stuck.

A good password manager has to have several options when it comes to how you can reach customer support, from the phone, live chat to emails.

5.       Value

Another essential element is the value of money. Most users will want a password manager that is charged at an affordable level and provides value for money in terms of features security and support. In case the password manager is heavily priced and does not provide the worth for the money it is worth, it will most likely lack customers.

Let’s take a look at some of the best password managers in the market currently

Top Password Managers for Windows 10

1.       Dashlane

There is a reason Dashlane appears at the top of the list when it comes to password managers.

The software is at the top of its league in terms of security and the number of features provides it users.

Dashlane password manager is also easy to use, comes with a beautiful interface, and is efficiently priced to accommodate several people across the different price plans. Some of the features you can expect to find on the Dashlane passwords manager include:

·       Two-Factor Authentication Mechanism

The 2fa on the Dashlane software will provide security mechanisms such as authy, Google authenticator, and biometric identification and USB authentication through a YubiKey

·       Dark Web Monitoring

This means the password manager will check dark web sites and notify you in case you have some of your info on the dark web sites. Apart from informing you in case of a breach, the software will also provide you with tips on solving the problem.

·       Virtual Private Network

Another important thing the Dashlane password manager provides the user is the VPN, which will help add a layer of security, especially from hackers trying to track you through your IP address.

The Dashlane VPN is also superior to its competitors as the VPN will unblock geo-restricted streaming services, and still maintain the internet connection at the same speeds.

The Dashlane VPN also comes with a no-logs policy, meaning that the software will not retain any of your information on their site.

When it comes to usability, one of the features that stand out is the capability for the password changer. Dashlane comes with quite the impressive password changer, which will replace all your weak passwords with a mouse click. It comes in handy, as it will save the user a lot of time involved in changing all the passwords manually.

Dashlane password manager comes with a free plan, which will carry enough features and security strength to be regarded as quite efficient. The free plan, however, comes with a 50-password limit, plus it only provides access for one device.

For the paid plans, you will get more features and an unlimited amount of passwords storage.

The Dashlane password manager is also currently offering its users a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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2.       LastPass

LastPass is another great password manager that stands out in terms of the free plan’s features. The LastPass password manager does not limit the number of devices that can be used.

Apart from the free plan perks that come with the password manager, it also offers a couple of features that make it unique among the other password managers in the market.

·       Wallet

The password manager will also provide you with means and ways for storing more than just your passwords. Other essential documents and information such as credit card info will also be stored at the user’s pleasure.

·       MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication)

The password manager also comes with increased means of accessing the software. The multifactor authentication system will link up with such third-party apps as Google authenticator.

The password manager also comes with around four different payment plans, including a premium plan, families, and other business plans.

Paid plans will offer its users priority tech support, and 1GB of storage.

For the free plan users, the password manager will offer no restrictions on the number of passwords and devices.

·       One-To-One Sharing

The password manager offers its users the chance to share passwords. This, however, does with one user at a time.

Password sharing is essential as it allows more people to access the software while maintaining the software’s security levels.

·       Security Checks

The password manager also provides the users with a security checkup that will go through your device, and other websites you have logged in to, and check for old, weak, or compromised passwords, notify you and provide remedies to such.

3.       Keeper

For people interested in special level protection, then you can go with the keeper password manager.

The software is easy to use, comes laden with features, and is powerful when it comes to security. The password manager comes with the option to generate new passwords; however, it will not automatically change them as Dashlane does.

The amount of space that the keeper password manager offers its users is why it stands out among the competition.

Apart from the space allocation for the keeper password manager, it is also the intuitive admin console. The software will cater to businesses as it will provide administrative services, check passwords for weaknesses, and allow for preferential access of the software dependent on the administrator.

The software comes with a couple of payment plans from the family, business, and premium plans, all coming at a lower price than Dashlane and LastPass.

Some of the common features you expect to find with the Dashlane password manager includes

·       Advanced 2FA Systems

The double factor authentication system on the Dashlane software will accommodate a mobile device or smartwatch to act as a two-factor authentication system.

·       Cloud Storage

The software will also offer you cloud storage where you can share with other users on the same password manager.

Apart from the 10 GB of space, users have the option of upgrading to the 50GB option.

·       Breach Watch

This feature acts as a dark web scanner, and it will inform you in case you lose some of your data to the dark web, and it happens to find it.

It will also alert you as to finding any of the tour financial information on the dark web.

·       Keeper Chat

The keeper password manager also comes with a chat platform where you can get secure messaging services, which will have the option for self-destruction, retraction, plus you will also get a private gallery.

4.       RememBear

There are people out there looking for a simple to use password manager, with a simple interface that does not require too much study to get acquainted, RememBear is one of them.

It may lack some of the more common features associated with password managers; however, it is quite impressive and will handle its responsibilities efficiently.

It comes with an easy step-by-step direction on how to use the software, keeping your company from downloading to installing and starting off using the password manager. It comes with a simple way for you to quickly learn the software through ‘earning bears’ to help you learn the software. You earn bears through performing some tasks such a credit card importing, and constructing a secure master password.

Another fantastic thing with the RememBear app is the capability for syncing across different devices, plus it allows for biometric recognition, meaning you can use your face or fingerprints across compatible devices on the same account.

The RememBear password manager also comes with the capability for generating new device keys, which acts as a way for efficient backing up of your data. In case you lose your master password, you can log in to the software using the NDK. This offers the chance to access our account even when you have misplaced the master password.

Most password managers become useless in case you lose your master password, as you cannot access the account, neither can the software assist you in replacing your master password.

The free version of the RememBear offers users unlimited storage on one device; however, with the premium feature, you will get unlimited password storage on multiple devices.

The RememBear password manager is also cheaper compared to its competition and comes with a similarly secure security system as the competition, making a viable option.

One thing worth mentioning is the interface that comes with some cute bears, making it appear beautiful, and interesting to watch.

5.       RoboForm

If you are an avid internet user, you might need a password manager that is efficient on security and web filling capabilities, rather than the constant input of credentials on return sites. Well, RoboForm is the password manager for you.

It comes with an impressive security protocol, and an easy to use kind of interface that will leave users impressed.

Some of the features you expect to find with the password manager include:

  • AES-256-bit encryption, which is the best type of encryption for your passwords
  • A two-factor authentication system
  • A password generator

This is important as it helps alleviate the hassle of creating passwords, as all you have to do is provide it with the necessary criteria for the password, and leave the rest to it.

Another fantastic thing about the RoboForm password generator is the open-source protocol it uses, allowing other users to contribute towards its tech, meaning it is continually updated to the latest hacking trends.

It also comes with a security analyzer that will check for the strength of passwords and suggest the best action.

Apart from the feature it sports, the RoboForm password manager also comes with a form filling capability that stands out from its competition. It offers its users a lot more in terms of customization as compared to other password managers. RoboForm allows users to create multiple identities and several categories for storing information.

With the RoboForm password manager, users will also get a bookmark to help you save and synch bookmarks from the desktop onto any device with a RoboForm password manager installed.

One of the downsides associated with the software, however, iOS the interface which is not as user-friendly; however, it comes with effective functionality on a well-priced software.

6.       1Password

For families or a group of people looking for a password manager that will efficiently serve them all, then 1password is the software.

The 1password family plan allows for up to five members on the same account with a small fee charged for additional persons. This means there is no limit to the number of users per account, and compared to the competition, it is still cheaper.

Each person to the account will get two vaults, a private and shared vault. You can use the private vault for your data and passwords while the shared vault can be used collectively. This makes it easier for the family to access common features like Netflix logins and Wi-Fi passwords.

The one password manager will also come with a limit sharing function, which will help keep the parents ahead of any information they don’t want the rest of the family to access.

Some of the other features that help make the 1password manager stand out are

·       Watchtower

This acts as the overall onlooker, keeping the device safe from loss of passwords and data, while at the same time helping generate new data.

·       2FA

The password manager also comes with an effective two-factor authentication mechanism that provides the user with a one-time password on the phone for logging into the software.

·       Local Data Storage

The password manager will also store information and password locally

·       Travel Mode

The password manager also comes with a travel mode, which allows you to keep some information away from potential risks until you return to a more secure area after your travels.

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7.       NordPass

This is another amazing password manager for users looking for easy to use interfaces and simple password management. The password manager was created for the less tech-savvy people looking for easy and straightforward software to work with.

The password manager comes with all the security features of a stand-up password manager, including two-factor authentication and XChaCha20 encryption. The software also uses a zero-knowledge protocol such that your information is completely secure.

It comes with several payment plans, including a free plan. This is important, as it will allow unlimited passwords on one device. However, if you move on to the paid passwords, you will get unlimited passwords and up to six devices supported.

Apart from the increased number of devices, other features you can expect to find include

  • Dark web monitoring
  • VPN
  • Form filling capabilities

8.       Bitwarden

For the more tech-savvy users, Bitwarden is an open-source password manager, meaning users get the chance to interrogate and improve on the source code. This means the software constantly updates.

An open-source code, however, also makes the password manager more affordable compared to other password managers, as it cuts costs on paying developers.

Among the free passwords managers in existence, the Bitwarden software ranks among the best. This is due to it coming with unlimited passwords and multiple device syncing capabilities.

The free version will also save notes, credit cards, and identities.

The Bitwarden software will also come with the same security features as the top password managers in the market, including a two-factor authentication system and AES-256 encryption.

The password manager also offers its users an online password vault, which can access your passwords across several browsers and store them centrally.

Some of the other features you can expect to find with the Bitwarden password manager are

  • Tools to help assess password strength
  • 1gb encryption storage

The Bitwarden password manager is the cheapest software on the list and comes with the best free version of password managers.

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9.       Enpass

One of the things that make the Enpass password manager stand out is the pricing offer, where users get the chance to make a one-time purchase of the software for life. It may seem expensive, but the pricing is similar to the Dashlane yearly premium membership, making this software quite the catch.

It also offers a cheaper annual option, with a 25-password limit.

Another thing with the Enpass password manager is the fact that it only offers local storage, no cloud storage. Many people may prefer the cloud storage system, as it helps with synching devices; however, if you are looking for a safer option, local storage is a guarantee.

However, users who insist on cloud storage have the option for using the ‘cloud sync’ option, which will contain your encrypted data to a cloud app like Google storage

Enpass, however, comes with limited features compared to other password managers such as Dashlane. Some of the features you can expect to find are:

·       Smart Watch Support

This feature will allow users to access their data from a smart watch. You will not need to have any other devices with you, making it one of the more efficient password managers.

·       Biometric Support

You can also choose to log in to your account using your fingerprints or face, as long as the devices are compatible with these technologies.

·       2FA System

The password manager will also come with a time-based one-time password engine, which goes towards increasing the security strength of the software.

10.   Sticky Password

Sticky password manager comes with a couple of payment plans, including a free plan. The free plan is well laid out with several important features: form-filling capabilities, digital wallets, and 2fa systems.

The password manager is best suited for users who prefer local storage for their data and information. However, it also comes with a secure could backup for interested users.

The software will not limit the number of passwords you store, nor will it limit you to one device.

Conclusion: Best Passwords Managers for Windows

In conclusion, it is important to note that password managers are an important addition to our online lives; however, finding the right password manager will require some patience and an adventurous heart.

Take time to learn about each password manager’s strengths and weaknesses and compare them to your needs, and you will most likely end up with great software best suited for your needs.

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