11 Best Business Password Managers in 2020

Are you looking for the best password manager for your business. This article reviews some of the best password managers in 2020. Read on to find out.If you are looking for an amazing password manager for your business, then you are in the right place.

This article will look at various password managers and recommend the best apps for your passwords and classified data.

Let’s take a look!


What we like

  • Can change almost all passwords immediately
  • Easy and well laid out interface
  • Edge and Linux supported

What we don’t like

  • It’s expensive

The app supports several OS including Linux, Chrome OS, and the Microsoft Edge browser.

The Dashlane app also comes with an easy to use and a well laid out interface. When it comes to support, the app provides 24hr customer care service across several platforms.

The Dashlane desktop app will rival any of its competitors and come out as the winner. The interface is well laid out and flexible for the user.

The Dashlane password manager also comes with a bulk password changer.

The password changer has the capability of changing hundreds of your password all at once, saving your valuable business time in case of a hack or information breach.

The app also comes with a scanner that runs through the device’s email inbox and tries to find any forgotten websites you may have logged into and left your passwords and not yet deleted. The app is overall amazing and will be worth it.

The pricing for the app is however, quite high, as it will cost you anywhere between 60 and $120 a year.

The app, however, comes with free versions, which also perform excellently. If you need more features, you will have to pay for it. You can get up to 50 sets of credentials on the Dashlane free version.

The apps premium plan will cost you $60, while the premium plus plan will cost you $120 annually.

The app also comes with dark web monitoring capabilities.

Apart from this, you also have access to an unlimited VPN service. The premium and premium plan will also add you the credit monitoring, identity restoration, and identity theft insurance to a tune of $50 a year.

The app will also offer its users the opportunity to synchronize their data across different devices and browsers, increasing the app’s efficiency.

It will also provide access to any stored password across several devices, including mobile phones and computers. Also, with a cloud-based storage mechanism, the app is quick in operations.


What we like

  • The free version has a good number of features
  • 2FA mechanism
  • Well laid out and easy to use
  • Compatibility is commendable

What we don’t like

  • Barebones desktop apps

The app is up there with the top of the line password managers such as dashlane. Apart from supporting nearly all major platforms, the app also comes with a wide range of features suited for your business needs.

Most customer reviews place to compliment the app on its easy to use interface.

The app will make it easy to join multiple systems, each with a new password strong enough to prevent any kind of hacking. Apart from this, the app will also store your passwords securely.

A good thing with the app is that it will also come with browser extensions for various browsers.

In case you have to log in to a site with a previously saved password, then the app will fill in your credentials.

The app will also make it easy to migrate your passwords. What you have to do is to just log into an account where Lastpass will store your account details. The vault is secured with a two-factor authentication service.

Apart from the 2FA, the app will also include a fingerprint recognition system and a facial recognition feature for some mobile apps and laptops.

The free versions of the app will come with several features plus synching across several devices. The app also has a password generator, unlimited passwords, plus secure storage.

When it comes to the paid version of the app, apart from the 2FA mechanism, you will also get around 1GB of online storage and tech support.

On the business, features that users are most happy with include sharing credentials where the app will allow you to share access to the account with other users.

The app will also provide you with a policy and reporting, which is essential in ensuring everything is running smoothly with the app.

You can also access the note section of the app and store info or other relevant documents, such as credit card details.

Another great thing with the app is the lack of necessity to install the app in your device for it to work. The app can exist on the browser and still function fine.

It will have to exist as a browser extension or a full web interface.

In case you are looking to keep the data completely away from cloud storage, you have the option of the Lastpass Pocket for both Windows and Linux.

Best Business Password Manager – Keeper

What we like

  • Intuitive design layout
  • Effective browser extensions and web app
  • Strong security

The app free plan will limit your usage to a single device without the opportunity to synchronize your data.

However, the plan will give you a thirty-day free trial to check whether you want the paid plan.

When it comes to the individual plan, the app comes with unlimited password storage, which can synchronize across all platforms; a password generator, cloud backup, and sharing of record.

The family plan will provide the user with 10GB of secure file storage.

The app is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, internet explorer, apple safari, and more. The platform will also support windows 7 8 to 10, android, mac, Linux windows phones, and blackberry. For the Chrome OS, you can add the browser extension.

The app also comes with a ‘breach watch’ feature with $220 per year to monitor personal details while the user is surfing online.

The app will also come with a private chat messenger at $20 a year.

In terms of security, the app comes with an AES-2256 bit encryption, which guarantees your password manager’s security. The app will also allow you to use the app offline, but only on a single device.

Keeper will also provide you with some added security functions for compatible devices such as facial recognition and fingerprint capabilities.

The app will also let you use the companies DNA 2FA which comes with Android, wear a smart watch, or the apple watch to verify your identity and access the app by tapping the watch also if you are looking to carry out an audit of passwords within the app, test and possibly enhance their security level.

When it comes to setting up, the app will lead you through most of the setup process, which can be completed in a small while.

One unique feature with the app is the possibility for a password reset. The app will ask a security question to allow for a reset, which, if answered correctly, can allow the rest of the app.

However, a verification code will be sent to the registered email address to complete the resetting of the master password.


What We Like

  • Strong and free desktop version
  • Easy to Keep Data Offline

What we don’t like

  • Limited feature and syncing options
  • No two-factor authentication

The app comes with a free unlimited desktop application for windows mac or Linux. The app will also provide free mobile versions for both iOS and Android.

The app will charge you for unlimited coverage across all devices at a rate of $7.49 for the first six months and a subsequent $59.99 for the one-time lifetime purchase.

You will have to carry out a manual synchronizing of the devices to any cloud storage of your choosing. However, the app will carry out the basic security measures quite well without the need for user interruption.

The app will carry out biometric logins; however, the overall interface isn’t as exciting as leading managers such as Dashlane, but it is fully functional.

However, they make up for the interface with the mobile users’ sleek interface.

The app can also create a local sync feature with USB flash drives or network sharing.

The bottom line is that the app is competent and well suited for your business needs.


What we like

  • Comes with travel mode
  • Can fill online credentials
  • Option to keep your information online

What We Don’t Like

  • Mobile experience not as good
  • Plain design

1Password is another app that has come well suited for your business needs. The app comes fitted with enough security measures to ensure your data is kept safe.

When it comes to security, the app comes with a complex security system. It is developed in such a way that it cannot read your master passwords, increasing your data’s safety level.

It uses the AES-GCM-256 mechanism for encryption, which makes it harder to decrypt your data.

A great thing about the app is that it has never been hacked.

The app comes with many features, including the code signature validations feature, which will verify the developer of a website or page before letting the device access the web.

This comes in handy in preventing third parties from accessing your device and it keeps your data safe from phishing sites.

The app will also come with a clipboard management capability, which helps ensure that you don’t forget any password on previously signed in web pages.

1Password also comes with a watchtower function that will help protect your device in case you want to log in to a hacked website. The app also comes with biometric access to compatible apps with both the fingerprint and facial recognition capabilities.

It is essential to ensure that your information is kept safe, especially in areas with little to no data security. This is why the app comes with a travel mode.

You can delete some data and save it on the app, after which you can reinstall it after coming back from your travels.

The app also comes with another version called the 1passwordx. This is important as it can function on a stand-alone basis on the Firefox and Chrome browsers.

This means that as long as your device is compatible with the Firefox or Chrome browsers, you can also acquire the 1 Password service.

When it comes to payment plans, the app does not have a free plan. However, it will offer you thirty days to test out their product before deciding whether to pay or not.

For the business plan, the app charges at around $15a month. The option will offer you around 20 users and up to 5GB of storage.

Zoho Vault

What we like

  • The free plan comes with a lot of features
  • Affordable

What we don’t like

  • No form filling
  • Barebones mobile apps
  • Poor handling of Google login

The app is part of the larger paid enterprise suites; however, it is offered as a free service for individual and personal use. For a group plan, the app will charge you at $12 per user annually.

The app is quite plain, and if used to the features offered by other password managers, such as the personal data filling or the bulk password changer, you might have a problem, as they are not part of the Zoho vault package.

However, all the essentials of a password manager are included, meaning your data will be kept safe.

The app will however, carry out any password synchronizing automatically through one of its servers. A good thing with the service is that it will come free of charge to synchronize up data across all your devices.

The downside associated with the app is mostly due to the Google two page logins. Also, the free version of the app will do a lot more for free than is worth charging for, making it harder to get paying users.


What We Like

  • Robust form filling
  • Inexpensive
  • Supports a wide range of platforms

What we don’t like

  • The web interface is read-only
  • Limited functionality

The app has been around for a long time to become one of the great password managers that can be relied on.

The app charges you $24 a year. However, there is a discount option that offers users a three- and a five-year plan of $64.44 and $99.50.

There is also a family plan and a free plan, which will let you, access unlimited password savings feature plus auto fill web forms.

In case you are running a paid account, the app will provide you with the option of syncing across multiple devices.

You can also backup your data to the cloud and create secure, shared files and emergency access to other users.

The app also comes with amazing form-filling capabilities.

When it comes to security, the app performs amazingly well. It uses the AES-256 encryption mechanism, meaning any other person apart from you will not decrypt your data.

There is also the two-factor authentication system. In case you don’t want your data on the RoboForm servers, you will have to synch it to the local folder of your choice.

The app is also quite easy to set up and it recommends the best version for your device.

In case you choose to install it, it will also install all the appropriate extensions for your browser or OS. After a successful installation, the next step is to create a RoboForm account.

You will then have to create a master password, which will not be recovered once created, so you must memorize it.

The app will allow you to import existing passwords from most of the password managers in the market.

Enterprise Password Management – Clickstudios PasswordState

The app is best suited for enterprise management of passwords, where several people can access it and maintain the same security level.

The app comes with granular admin controls. This type of admin controls helps create schedules for the app in keeping it secure.

Such plans involve the duration of time a password will be in use before it’s changed or the length of a particular password.

The app is best for huge organizations that require excellent password security, where the passwords will be available to several users.

The app has also received positive reviews when it comes to its reporting and auditing. Administrators have at least 34 re-defined reports.

These reports will give the team of people access to the app. it will also provide information regarding the people who have accessed the app and the location of passwords.

Passwords are also accessed through a browser extension, a mobile app, or a desktop app.

This makes it easier for people privy to the app to access them easily. Access to the app, however, requires a two-step verification, which makes the app more secure.

The app also received positive reviews regarding the ease of setup, which will only take the user a small while and the pace of deployment between registration and first working.

Hitachi ID Password Manager

What we like

  • Superior security
  • Allows users more control
  • Best for business entities and corporates

The app was made to help users grip on their password and other important data that can be hacked through their devices or risky websites.

The password manager is a part of the Hitachi ID identity suite, a system created to help companies and business entities easily manage their vast number of passwords.

The app will come with a two-factor authentication mechanism to help better protect your devices.

The password manager is an intergraded solution that will allow users to manage the accounts in terms of credentials across devices.

The Hitachi password manager includes several features, including a password synchronization mechanism, a self-service password management capability, a PI reset capability, strong authentication mechanisms, security questions, and biometrics.

The apps quite favorable with users out of the level of ease it provides users who use it. The app gives users a lot of control over their fingertips, saving time for tasks admins would normally be left with, such as resetting passwords.

It will come in handy for big organizations and businesses out of the huge volume of passwords that require resetting at any given time.

Manageengine Password Pro

This is another excellent app for business.

The app is available on both cloud and local storage.

The app will automatically create a password for users and make them available on both desktop and mobile applications.

For administrators in the app, you get to have an offline network where you can set policies that can be applied to the rest of the users, such as a schedule for change of passwords.

The app will also allow administrators to set access roles, meaning different users can have access to different features and parts of the app.

One departed may have access to passwords based on that department, while another one will have a password-based on their department.

The app reporting is also quite detailed, as users get to have session recordings to see exactly who is doing what within the app.

The app will also provide a password manager Pro MSP edition. This is a platform created to help manage the client’s passwords more effectively by service providers.

If you are looking for control on the app with regard to the user, then this is the app for you.

Rippling Password Manager

This is another great password manager.

The app was created to make it easy for a team to manage passwords for its users and share access to business accounts.

The app will allow the sharing and storing of passwords by multiple people, from their browsers or through mobile apps.

The app will let you create strong and unique passwords for each account and securely share them with your team members.

Each password comes encrypted and is stored in a vault, making it virtually impossible to access the password if you’re not meant to.


More apps out there are useful for businesses when it comes to password management.

Always try to test an app before purchasing it to ensure you get what suits your business.


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