Is Ccleaner Malware?

If you have heard about the Ccleaner, you may have heard some bad things concerning malware. So, is it true? We have compiled a great article, explaining the misunderstanding with the ccleaner.You may have heard about the Ccleaner, and are looking for some information about the software.

The Ccleaner has been around for a while and used to enjoy some good ratings, however, there has been a lot of flak concerning the Ccleaner.

Critics assume the software became a malware and no longer trust the registry scanner while supporters still believe in its capability. So how do we get to the bottom of it?

A great way to do it is through an article that will show you exactly where the notion came from, plus will give you a great review to ascertain where the software stands.

Let’s take a look!

What We Like

  • Will improve your system performance
  • Real time system monitoring
  • Secure and well laid out
  • Inbuilt deletion tool
  • Privacy features

What We Don’t Like

  • You will have to get some features separate from the software
  • License limitations

What is a Registry Cleaner?

They came into popularity roughly ten years ago. These were the times computer performance was not as good, and the memory space and speeds were quite low. Back then, you had to remove unwanted junk from the registry to save on the computer memory and space to enhance its efficiency.

However, the notion has slowly changed, as computers have become more efficient, with increased space and processing speeds.

This, however, does not relegate the need for a Ccleaner, as they too have undergone development, providing more features to deal with a myriad of issues within the computer.

The problem that frustrates most critics of the Ccleaner is the lack of fulfillment of their expectations. Most people want the computer to switch into a supercomputer after a Ccleaner scan. However, this is not a possibility.

Although the Ccleaner will have an impact on the computer, you won’t necessarily see the huge changes you expect; rather, there will be more subtle changes, which may be noticeable to a keen eye.

The Ccleaner is a great app and it plays a role in extending your computer’s life span through a number of amazing features such as registry repairers, real time privacy protection, and more.

Is Ccleaner A Virus?

This is somewhat confusing as the answer is both yes and no!

Yes, there is a Ccleaner malware, but no, the Ccleaner software is a legit toolkit that is made to help protect and help clean your computer.

So what happened?

Back in 2017, there was an attack, where hackers accessed the Ccleaner toolkit and inserted malicious code, which was later known as Ccleaner malware. Ccleaner now came in with malware on the side, such that it was cleaning and was at the same time infecting the computer. Who could suspect a cleaner of having any malware? It was the perfect plan!

The malware came in the form of two Trojans hidden in the Ccleaner versions 5.33.6162 and the cloud version. The malware could take anything from your IP addresses to your information.

The Ccleaner malware was able to infect the upwards of 1.5million users before it was discovered to show the seriousness of the malware threat.

Employees of the Avast antivirus first detected the malware, and the problem was quickly solved, with users being advised to upgrade to the newer version. This was, however, not the end of the story, and an even more effective malware of the same version was in the works waiting to be unloaded on devices.

An even more significant drop of Ccleaner malware was dropped onto devices. The second round of attacks was aimed at the top companies with some of your top brands getting affected.

There was no direct party held responsible for the hacks; however, there was some evidence linking Chinese hackers to the crime. The evidence was based on the malware code sharing a similar pattern to the code used by the same group.

Also, the timestamp was synonymous with the Chinese, making it more evident they were behind the attack, which even fuelled rumors of a state attack on the Ccleaner, aiming top companies.

To remove the Ccleaner malware is quite hard. The best advice is to back up your files, delete the software, and run an antivirus scan to ensure your device is healthy. However, as long as you get the Ccleaner versions, which are 5.34 or higher, you are safe from the infected versions of the Ccleaner.

The software is fantastic when it comes to computer performance; however, the Ccleaner malware shows us that even toolkits are not safe from hackers.

Ccleaner Pricing

The Ccleaner is more expensive than the windows ten integrated tune-up tools; however, it is affordable and it comes at a lower rate than other products in the market.

The Ccleaner comes in three plans, the free, professional, and professional plus plans.

The free plan is curated such that it will offer the user necessary cleaning capabilities with privacy-protection tools, which allow you to delete passwords, cookies, plus other browser files.

The professional version of the Ccleaner comes with added features including real time monitoring, automatic history deleting, plus automatic software updates. For you to get your hands on the professional plan, you will have to chuck at least $24.95.

Besides the professional plus plans, you will also get added features, including three standalone apps, drive fragmentation, spec viewing, and more.

The pricing is not very bad, plus the free feature will provide the essential elements of the app, catering for the type of people not looking for too much from the software.

Ccleaner New Look

One of the things the software has improved on with the latest update is the interface outlook. Although there is no significant difference in terms of feature sets, the interface comes with a secure, clean section; that makes it easier for the user to interact with the software. You no longer have to check or uncheck various folders and apps.

How Ccleaner Works

The software can be downloaded from the company website.

After a successful download, install the software on the computer. Now you can run it!

You may run into a dialogue boxing asking whether to update the software or not, and depending on your preference; you can choose of them.

The software comes with a couple of options on the left side, where you can add the checkmarks, and on the main window, click on the clear button.

It then starts removing unwanted junk from the computer and provide you with information about the size and number of malware deleted. You can now click on ‘analyze button’ to check whether you have removed all threats

You will also have to scan the registry for any issues and errors that may arise. You will click on the ‘scan for issues’ button. The registry will be fully scanned, and all problems will be shown. After the issues have been shown, you will click on ‘fix selected issues’ to sort these out.

The interface, while fixing, will offer you the option for a backup to prevent loss of data. After which all problems will be solved, and you can click on close.

Ccleaner Features

As previously stated, the Ccleaner toolkit comes with a number of features that can be used to optimize your device.

Some of the features, however, have to be downloaded as standalone separate from the software, while others will come as part of it.

Real Time Monitoring

This will keep a keen eye on the device and notify you in case some junk files may free up safe if deleted. You may be surprised at the amount of junk that passes through unnoticed into the system.

You can manually run a scan and free up space on your computer if you are not on the paid plan for the software.


This is a feature of the Ccleaner professional plus.

Recuva will help you get back some deleted files. The downside of this feature is that it is a standalone feature. This means you have to download it separately.

It may seem a bit too much having to download the software; however, it is a great idea and it will work well with your system.

It is worth noting that the professional plus software will come with a registry specific backup.

Other amazing features available for download as standalone are Defraggler professional edition and speccy professional edition

Scheduled Scans

Another feature of the Ccleaner paid plans is the ability to schedule your scans so that you don’t have to keep going back. The feature is, however, only available for the paid plans.

Scheduled scans can also come in a different way where you can choose what to be scanned not only when

Startup and Drive Wiper Tools

These features come through for your system. The startup checks for the number of software that starts with the system startup, limiting them to the necessary, to save up on startup time.

The wiper tool plays a part in helping you keep deleted data deleted. The feature will securely overwrite your files and make them harder to recover. This will be helpful when it comes to deleting sensitive data.

The Upsides of the Ccleaner

The Ccleaner was tested to check whether it had an impact on the system, through two tests: The geek bench system and through the boot times measurement. This was done by running the tune-up utilities and keeping it off and then checking the results.

On the geek bench, single-core, multi-core, and compute the score, the system performed at 1,301, 5,960, and 182,137, respectively.

There was a noticeable difference when it came to the impact on system performance, with the startup times improving where the startup now took only 1min 8 seconds. The improved times match the system mechanic score tests. In these tests, the single multi a compute score numbers were 1384.5963 and 183401 respectively

When it came to the geek bench results, the results were not as convincing when it came to the comparison between third party cleaners and windows ten cleaners. However, there is a clear advantage of using third party cleaners, all pivoted on convenience.

Ccleaner comes with all the tools carefully and well laid out; however, window 10 comes with different features placed in a different area. The Ccleaner also comes with some added features you would never get on the windows ten cleaning system. Features such as the wiper are not available for the windows version.

What the wiper feature will help in is the permanent deletion of files. For you to access the same services on windows, you will require a bit of tweaking of the command line, something most normal users will not find it easy to do.

The Ccleaner toolkit will also help increase your device’s lifespan as it will delete cookies that can slow down the computer over time. Ccleaner will regularly delete cookies from your computer.

The complete deleting feature of the software will help keep your private data private, and not leave room for people to restore deleted information.

So far, we have checked out the best parts about the software; however, some critics dislike the toolkit based on the 2017 attacks and the introduction of the Ccleaner malware.

The Downsides

Ccleaner was made when windows came without some features that Ccleaner filled. However, with subsequent improvements, Ccleaner became less critical, with the malware attack being the height of the software’s problems.

Deleting Cookies and History

One of the primary features of the Ccleaner software was the capability of automatically deleting cookies and history. However, currently, browsers themselves come with the capability for automatic deleting of history and cookies.

The browser currently can even prevent ads from running and constantly popping up through blocking ads in the settings menu of the chrome website. This makes it harder for the Ccleaner to maintain its usefulness when even the browser can perform the core function of the software.

Ccleaner Registry Cleaner

Some time ago, disk memories came in with limited memory, making the need for registry cleaners, paramount importance. If you happen to delete an app, a plugin or software, the resulting junk that may remain within the registry is not threatening and it will take a long time to start affecting the device.

Microsoft will not support any registry changes, and constant interruptions as a small mistake may end up spoiling the whole operating system.

Also, when it comes to windows 10, the operating system came well equipped to handle any registry issues without the need for third-party interventions.

Disabling Programs

The Ccleaner also promotes its quick startup capabilities by limiting the software that starts during the device startup.

The software will provide you with a breakdown of all the software that starts during startup and it will allow you to delete any software that should not start with device startup.

The truth of the matter is that Windows 10 can also do this.

Just click the start menu and navigate to the startup tasks. Here click on the start apps option and enable or disable which programs start up with the computer.

Cleaning Up Junk Files

Another principle advantage touted by the Ccleaner software is the capability of removing junk files from your computer.

According to the software, cleaning up junk files will speed up your computer. However, the problem with this statement is that cleaning up files will not increase speed; rather, it may free up safe. Secondly, with windows ten, you can still do the same.

Windows 10 came with a new update called storage sense. This works through automatic deleting of files in the recycling bin, temporary files, and the download folder after thirty days.

How you set this up on windows is through navigating to the settings menu, go to the system and storage option, where you can turn on the storage sense feature.

You can further tweak these features through the settings menu on storage, where you click on how to free space automatically. In this option, you can decide a couple of things, such as how windows do a cleanup.

Usage Data Stats

On installation of the Ccleaner, the software will send information to the Ccleaner anonymously. The software claims only to take the data related to the usage of the software; however, there is nothing to ascertain that.

The software is also designed to work on a startup, meaning the software may communicate with outside your computer without you even realizing it.

Is Ccleaner a Malware?

Is the software safe to use? Well, most definitely!

We have seen that the Ccleaner makes optimizing your computer more convenient, placing everything in one place, which makes it easier to carry out any preferred functions.

Looking at windows systems, the software seems to be outdone only by the windows 10 version of the OS, meaning that other windows users will reap some benefit from the software.

The malware scare may have been a problem; however, the issue was solved, and a better version of the software released free of the Ccleaner malware.

Plus, the software is always prone to hackers and has to constantly update their systems to keep in touch with the latest hacks; however, it is common for once in a while to get infected by malware or virus.

This merely means writing off the Ccleaner because of a malware attack that was solved is unfair.

Ccleaner support

The software comes with a number of platforms where you can get answers to some of the questions that may be bothering you.


The site will offer users a FAQs page, where they can search for answers for any questions you may have.

The FAQ page comes with a number of topics, and if you do not find what you are looking for, then you can look it up in another platform offered by the website.


The website will also offer the more technically-savvy users a technical document for them to refer to. However, this will not appeal to the average user, based on the way the subject matter is handled.

The documentation available will cater for the whole span of Ccleaner products.

Community Forum

The website also supports a forum.

This is a fantastic place for you to ask any questions you may have regarding the software and wait for someone to reply to your query.

It is an excellent way of starting a discussion on a subject with multiple answers and inputs; you get a wider breadth of answers for your problem.


The website also supports tutorial videos. This will provide you with a live and a more hands-on approach to the software, showing you how to use it in the best version.

The videos available are arranged to explain the software from a beginner point of view, explaining each important detail you may need to know about the software.

Social Media

Another great way for software personnel to engage with users is through social media. This is one of the fastest ways for the user to reach and get a reply from the site.

The software is active on a number of social media forums including Facebook Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn and more.

All you have to do is navigate to their page on whatever social media platform you are on and send them a question according to the problem you are facing.

Final Thoughts

Well, as seen and proven, Ccleaner is not malware; however, there is malware out there named Ccleaner after the software as it was created and attached to the software.

Ccleaner is legit software that suits your computer’s optimization purposes. Most critics of the software, however, point against the toolkit based on what they perceive as the current lack of use for the software as OS improvements have rendered it unnecessary.

This decision, however, is best left to individual users. Test the software under its free version, and see whether it works for you, and if it does, go and get it!

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