15 of The Best Free Online Virus Scanners & Checkers

If you are looking to access the best online virus scanners and checkers, look no more. Here are the best 15 scanners online.There are not very many decent online scanners on the web, and mostly what you will find on the net are trial versions of paid software.

You might also find phishing sites pretending to be online paid scanners looking to steal your data and information.

However, this article will provide genuine free online scanners that are worth it.

Let’s check them out!

Best Free Online Virus Scanners & Checkers- Panda Cloud Cleaner

This takes over from the previous panda online cleaner called panda active scan. The panda cloud cleaner is better with other features compared to the previous version.

You can use the cloud cleaner to get rid of unneeded processes just before starting your scan. Allowing the cloud cleaner to kill unnecessary processes allows for a better chance of uncovering any malicious files in real processes.

The Panda Cloud Cleaner is also quite easy to operate after the scan; you can then select the malicious files to remove, and you will be good to go. Panda cloud cleaner can take a while to finish a scan, so it may be advisable for you to choose a different option if you are in a hurry.

The online scanner is compatible with windows and several browsers including internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google chrome.

ESET Online Scanner

This free program can do a onetime scan for potentially unwanted items. The way the software works is such that the software is an on-demand scanner where you can run it alongside an installed antivirus or a security solution.

The program comes compatible with a32- and 64-bit version of windows, from NT to Windows 10.

The program comes at the size of 6 Megabytes with requirements for administrator rights to run.

A good thing with the program is that it can run from any location on a system, plus includes configuration options before the latest signature database is downloaded and scans run.

The program comes with some options such as

  • Enable/disable detection of potentially unwanted applications
  • Enable detection of unsafe apps
  • Enable detection of suspicious apps
  • Scan archives and enable anti-stealth tech
  • Clean threats automatically
  • Select locations you want the ESET program to scan.

The scan will take around thirty minutes on a 256-Gigabyte fast solid-state drive.

One of the good things with the ESET scanner is that it displays all files it scans, a progress bar, and the total scan time plus all the infected files it has identified.

The program will allow you to quarantine files and delete them right away; however, regardless of whether you delete them or not, the program will eliminate any threats to the system and security.

The only con associated with the program is that the layout cannot resize the program window. To see the result of the full path or threat name, you will have to scroll and expand the results table. Also, it does not come with the option of searching for additional info on the net.

OneClick Cleaner for Google Chrome

So, yea! Google Chrome also comes with an online malware scanner.

You can scan your system files for viruses and unwanted threats with google. It is one of the best choices based on the popularity it comes with; you most likely have one installed, reducing the hassle of using other scanners

So how do you unlock the malware inbuilt scanner?

  • Click on the three-dot menu button in the upper right corner of chrome and navigate to settings
  • You will then click on the Advanced to show all options
  • Scroll to when you see the reset and clean up header at the bottom of the list, and then click on the icon clean up computer
  • Navigate to the trace and get rid of destructive software option, which is the chrome malware scanner. Then click find to start the scan
  • After chrome has completed scanning, it will then inform you if they find anything harmful on your PC.
  • An easier way to get to the men after the initial process is through typing chrome://settings/cleanup into the address bar

If on typing the option does not come, ensure you update the browser through menu-help-about google chrome.

However, you will still need a competent antivirus, as chrome will only check for malware related to chrome.

F-Secure Online Scanner

The F-secure online scanner has been refreshed and developed to clean up windows PC malware in one easy scan-and –clean, plus it now tackles rootkits too.

The online scanner can help detect a bunch of harmful viruses that can affect the device and internet performance, which will, in turn, slow down connections, affect usability, and pose a threat to user privacy.

It helps prevent loss of credentials like passwords, which may allow cybercriminals access to an online bank account, social media accounts, and other personal data. The program will also work with other antiviruses.

The online scanner is the fastest free online scanner on the list and finds the majority of malware. The program is also quite basic and easy to use. You don’t have to choose which files to scan, as it will cover your entire system.

Online Malware Scan for Free- Avira Online Virus Scanner

The scanner is part of the Avira antivirus, meaning it is quite a reliable tech.

The program is made in Germany and offers real-time protection against viruses, worms, Trojan, and more. The scanner repaired over 90 million infected files.

The scanner is automatically activated in the background and can be manually started to scan a device or folder.

The virus comes with updates, which means you will have the most recent version of the software.

The antivirus also comes with another plus, where it does not slow down your computer speed as it uses a protection cloud t check files. The AI tech protects you from unknown and known threats blocking even zero-day attacks within minutes.

The company has also received some awards for its performance and repair capabilities, making it a more reliable scanner.


In terms of file size, the program falls under 1MB; however, it is one of the strictest tools on the list. The program is slightly weird as it is less than 1MB in size; however, it does not have a problem scanning files of up to 256MB.

This means that if our files are small enough to fit in this scanner, then all you have to do is simply choose it from your repository scanner and check on the ‘I’m not a robot’ box.

Once you have submitted the file, you can provide an email address if you want FortiGuard to contact you about the sample.

If you are looking to check a bogged file, then all you have to do is send it via email.

However, the total size of the samples should not exceed 32MB.

If you are looking to get a reply in a text format, enter ”SCAN” in the subject line. For XML format, the subject is best to be presented as SCN+XML, and late, the system will email your results.

Some of the pros associated with this scanner are the simple interface and the useful information on the website. The cons on the hand are the limited file size and the fact that the product does not offer browser extensions.

Jotti’s Malware Scan

This scanner will allow you to check up to five files simultaneously. The file sizes should be under 100MB each.

The scanner will check files against databases like Avast, Bitdefender, ESET, and other vendors. The scanner will always show the status of each antivirus engine.

In addition to checking the file, Jotti provides a hash search for people who don’t want to upload any files. However, this will only work for files that had initially been scanned by this tool.

The scanner comes with some cons of its own, which make it a bit undesirable.

You may have to wait in line in case several people are having their files scanned. Also, the interface is not as friendly and maybe a bit hard to acquaint yourself with it. Also, excessive waiting may be a reason for the scanner to go a bit slow.

Bitdefender Toolbox Quick Scan

The program is fast, easy to use, and comes with the necessary protections required by every computer. The program will install fast and has no side effects on your computer, plus it’s good for gaming, image, and video editing plus resource intensive.

The program will offer you real-time threat protection, through monitoring your installed apps, and take action on noticing any suspicious processes. The program will also ensure the detection and removal of malware, viruses, rootkits, and spyware.

When it comes to internet fraud, the program will also protect you from phishing, through sniffing and blocking phishing websites that pretend to be trustworthy with the intent of hacking your data.

When it comes to scam websites, the programs come with an advanced filtering system that detects suspicious web pages and prevents your sensitive financial data from falling into the wrong hands.

The program is compatible across the board, from windows to IOS. It is also free; however, It also comes with the choice of buying, in case you want to use multiple devices simultaneously.

Trend Micro HouseCall

This is one of the best companies when it comes to security software. It comes with HouseCall, which is a free web-based utility that will scan for and clean your computer of all documented viruses, and malware.

Apart from scanning for viruses, HouseCall will also seek out firewall problems and any vulnerability on your computer and provide some advice on how to correct them.

Setting up the program is quite easy, plus you get to choose to do a custom, quick or full scan after installation. You can also choose to allow the program to correct all the errors, or select to look at each problem yourself.

On average, the HouseCall program will take around fifteen minutes for a quick scan while it may take several hours to do a full scan dependent on the size of apps and the number of files, programs, and folders on the computer.

The new version of the Trend Micro HouseCall uses a downloadable launcher, meaning you no longer have to worry about browser compatibilities having the latest java installed.

The program will first ensure you have the latest version before it starts scanning. If not, it will automatically start downloading the updates it requires and then runs a scan.

After launching the program, it first checks all files against its database of antivirus software through the internet connection available, after which it will generate a report of all threats found and all the actions taken.

If there are threats that were found but were not dealt with, the program will inform you and allow you to take further action.

The program is famous for its aggressive and frequent updates meaning newer versions of threats malware ad viruses will rarely get it unprepared.

A con with the trend micro HouseCall is that it might take a while to scan owed to the thoroughness it has while at work.

Comodo Free Online Scanner

It may be important to ensure that you have an antivirus; however, at times, it is even better to use an online scanner to scan computers online for viruses.

Comodo antivirus is one of the best antiviruses. The antivirus is unique based on the proprietary defense+technology, which assumes an unknown file is a threat, which makes it quite effective in preventing unwanted and unknown threats in the computer

Most antiviruses will assume unknown files are safe and only concern themselves with certain files they deem risky.

The antivirus comes with a wide range of virus detection engines, rootkits, spyware, and other forms of malware. It also includes shield from virtually all sources, with the capability of scanning the PC memory on startup.

The program will also block malicious websites through scanning their URL, plus it will also provide some added security through using Comodo DNS free servers on the computer.

The Comodo antivirus will provide constant protection, also referred to as on-access or resident protection for free. The Comodo antivirus will also replace antivirus software’s like McAfee and Norton, which charge for access to updates.

Some of the cons associated with the antivirus are that it comes with several other programs and systems that may need disabling; also, it cannot be used for business, only for home use.

If you have a very large file, then it may take a long time to download. Also, initial updates may take a long time to complete.

Threat Expert

This is a security operation center with expert monitoring and analysis of critical threats.

The program allows for expert-driven insights on data where there is targeted attack notifications and access to experts on demand

To get access to the Microsoft threat expert managed at hunting service and get notifications and collaborations with experts, you will have to apply if you are a Microsoft defender ATP customer.

If you want to access the threat expert, then you will have to go to settings > general > advanced features > Microsoft threat expert in applying. If accepted, you will be part of the people to receive targeted notifications and start a 90 trial of experts on demand.

The Microsoft threat program will provide you with a proactive hunt for important threats posed to your network, including any human adversary intrusion if there are any, or cyberespionage, providing all-rounded protection for your computer. These services include:

  • Threat monitoring analysis
  • Hunter trained artificial intelligence which prioritizes known and unknown attacks
  • Identifying the most important risks

The program will also allow its users to collaborate with experts within the Microsoft defender community who will provide timely and accurate responses.

You will get insight into any new threats that may be paused to your organization ranging from root causes, spoilt machines to problems causing suspicious network connections.

Kaspersky VirusDesk

This is one of the best online scanning solutions for your computer. Most independent labs rate the antivirus as one of the best in the market.

Due to Kaspersky antivirus having no option for free services, the Kaspersky service desk has come through to provide free online scan services.

You can scan files of up to 50 MB in size.

According to Kaspersky, the program service checks the files the same way the Kaspersky antivirus does on your computer. It uses the same antivirus engine and database belongs to Kaspersky, ensuring thorough scanning of files.

If any threats are found, the program will inform you, and it will be up to you to disinfect the files and remove the threats. The program will also inform you if there is a file not opening or s password protected.

Kaspersky virus desk also informs you in case of malicious links and phishing sites, warning you before you click on them

The interface is also easy to use, ad all you need to do to upload a file is to click on the attach file icon, select a file on your PC and click on the open button. You can then click on the scan button, and start checking the file.

In case you have multiple files, then you can zip them and the password protects them. Use the password virus. The program will unzip the files and scan them.


This free online scan service will check for malware using online antivirus engines, accommodated in the VirSAN list.

After you have uploaded the files, you will see the results of the scan and the extent of virus and malware intrusion to your computer.

The program will not replace the antivirus in your computer and will only scan files that may contain viruses, Trojans, backdoors Spywares, and dialer.

The program will help you detect the threats and viruses; however, it does not bear responsibility or the results of the scan. In some instances, the program may fail to detect any malware in the uploaded files; this, however, does not absolve the files from malware attacks, as it may be a false positive.

The file size that can be uploaded to the program cannot exceed 20MB per file; however, the VirSCAN supports decompression, which must be less than 20 files.


In addition to scanning URL’s IP addresses and files, the VirusTotal review can also be used over email or from a desktop to scan running processes.

The program will use dozens of antiviruses to scan files, which offer several different perspectives are used to determine whether the file is malicious

Some of the pros that come with this program are

  • Scan any type of file large as 256MB
  • All you need is a URL to scan the whole webpage
  • Scan IP addresses
  • Using the desktop program, you can upload more than one file.
  • The program will share the results of the scan through a public link.


This free security scanner for computer systems runs on the Microsoft Windows operating system.

This program will check for installed programs and security and will also compute a score that is based on the scan. The security scanner will additionally provide options to remove any unwanted programs from the computer.

You will need to fill a form at the Opswat website before downloads for both Windows or Mac are availed to you. Immediately after you provide the necessary information, the download links for the scanner are provided.

After you have installed the scanner, and it has undertaken the scan, you will find the information about the scan on the Opswat website.

The results come in form of color codes and it indicates perfect, medium, and low scores. How the scan works are such that the anti-phishing and the antivirus make half of the maximum score while the patch management and firewall will make 15 percent.

To find more about the score the san gives you, just click on any of the items in the results. The scores run from 0-100 based on Opswat MetaDefender points.

The scanner will even scan the web browsers on the computer, and check them for anti-phishing capabilities.

The scanner also comes with an app remover section that is capable of deleting potentially risky or compromised apps.

Overall, MetaDefender is quite a decent scanner well worth the time.


There are a couple of decent online virus scanners, as highlighted by the article. So what are you waiting for, start checking your computer and ensure it is safe from viruses. Try and experiment with a number of them before you settle on, which is best suited for you.


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