Are You Looking for How You Can Remove Avast Email Signature?

Are You Tired of Antivirus Signatures Attached to Your Mails? There Is a Way You Can Remove an Email Signature from The Majority of Your Antiviruses.Avast is a popular antivirus that comes with a light and easy to boot system. It comes in both the free and the paid version, with some of the best features in the market.

The antivirus will protect the computer from malware, provide secure browsing, network protection, and behavior monitoring. Apart from this, the software comes with a sandbox mode, which allows for testing files, a password manager, and more.

What Is an Email Signature?

If you are familiar with such antiviruses as Avast or AVG, then you must be familiar with email signatures.

An email signature is a message inserted without your permission saying something like, ‘this email has been sent from a virus-free computer protected by Avast.’

The message may, however, not be sent with every email, making it a bit harder to trace the pattern.

Some people do not like his kind of free advertisement, and would rather have it removed, and have the guarantee that it will not be part of the messages sent via Email.

Disabling ‘This Email Has Been Sent from A Virus-Free Computer Protected by Avast,’ Email Signature Settings

Avast, being the excellent antivirus that it is, it will also provide added protection against infection through plugging into your email, and will scan your emails for malware and any threat they may pose.

However, it will rarely resist the urge to advertise on your email, leaving an email signature at the bottom of the mail. The signature will come through both yahoo and from Gmail, and all other mailing platforms.

The article will show you how you can go about removing the email signatures left by Avast or other popular antiviruses on your mails.

How to Remove Avast Email Signature-Step-by-step Guide

Avast makes it a bit tricky in removing the email signature from emails; however, it is not impossible.

Step 1: You will first have to find the Avast icon. This can be found on the system tray, through which you can navigate to the, ‘Open Avast User Interface.’

Step 2: You will have to navigate to the gear icon. Through the gear icon you are required to go to the settings option for Avast, which is at the top right of the user interface.

Step 3: On the settings panel, select the checkbox that says ‘silent mode’ or ‘gaming mode’. This will be found under the ‘General’ settings.

Under this option, uncheck the email signature

Don’t celebrate yet! You are not done!

Step 4: Under ‘General,’ find the ‘Active Protection’ tab.

Step 5: The Mail Shield option has a link called ‘Customize’ next to it. Click on it.

Step 6: Next you will have to open the ‘Behavior’ tab

Step 7: This will act as the final step to get the email signature off your emails. Go to the option ‘Insert note into’ then clean message (outgoing).’ Uncheck this when you find it, and you will be done no more annoying messages.


If you are not being paid for it, why allow some free ads to run on any of your platforms?

Ensure you get rid of theses antivirus email signatures ASAP!

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