How to Update Windows by Yourself in 2020

Do you regularly update your windows? Are you aware of the risks posed by the lack of a windows update? Learn how to update your Windows OS and a couple of tips to help you with your windows experience.You need windows updates for the smooth running of your OS. They come in handy to ensure you have the latest features, plus they also help take care of any problems that may arise. Apart from this, there is a risk of malware and viruses, which may come when your system is outdated. It is essential to ensure you keep the OS updated, and check to see whether the updates themselves are installed, as opposed to being turned off by hackers.

There are a number of ways to ensure that your version of OS updates and this article will take you through the process of doing this.

Let’s take a look!

Updating Windows 10

To ensure the smooth running of your systems free from potential attacks that may arise from operating system vulnerabilities, you should regularly update our OS. An updated OS will be up to date in terms of any new threats that may have come up since the last update.

Fortunately, with windows 10, you will get automatic updates, and all you have to do is restart the computer to install them. Furthermore, the OS will notify you if it needs a restart, plus you also get a way to modify settings to automatic restarts.

The update settings in the windows 10 also come with the option for pausing updates for up to 35 days. However, this is not encouraged, but you may find yourself in need for some time off, and you will not need to update the computer until you come back, the option may seem helpful.

Here is how you go about pausing windows 10 updates:

  • Navigate to the start menu and open it, and select settings.
  • Click on update and security
  • Under the windows, update option select the advanced options
  • Turn the button to on for the pause option

Windows 10 updates also come with a manual option. This may come in handy in case there is a roll-out of some critical updates, such as a patch. It is also important in case you have to download certain specific updates.

So how do you go about manually updating the windows 10 OS?

  • On the bottom left corner of the screen, select the start button and navigate to settings.
  • Go to the ‘update and security’ option and select the ‘windows update’ option on the sidebar
  • Select ‘check for updates.’ In case there are readily available updates, it will immediately begin downloading.

In case there are no updates, the page will inform you. The message you may most likely find will be ‘the windows 10 may 2020 update is on the way,’ we are offering this update to compatible devices, but your is not yet ready for it, once it’s ready you will see the update available here.’

After the computer has downloaded the necessary updates, you will get a notification for restarting the computer.

Apart from the manual way of updating the windows 10, there is another option for the operating system where you can schedule a windows 10 update.

Scheduling Windows 10 Update

  • First, you will have to select the schedule restart option found in the start menu under the update settings next to the restart now option.
  • A scheduling page will appear where you can choose the time you choose through the scheduling slider. This can be found to the right bottom position the menu
  • You can select from the grey options when to restart. The time picker menu will show you the day and time you can schedule for a restart

Windows 7 Manual Update

Both windows 7 and 8 have a kind of similar updating procedure.

  • You will have to click on the start button.
  • Navigate to the control panel and go to the system and security link
  • Click on ‘windows update.’
  • On the left search for new updates, and ensure the computer is connected to the internet.
  • After updates have been installed, click on ‘install updates’; however, if it does not need any updates, the computer will inform you.
  • Restart the computer, and you are good to go

Viewing previous Updates

The left side of the update window comes with the option for checking previous update downloads.

The installed updates come pre-arranged in terms of status importance and the date of installation. You can choose to uninstall an update from this place if you choose to.

Configuring Update Setting

There are a couple of settings the user has the benefit of using, which may increase your personal experience with the OS.

There is an option for change settings on the left sidebar where you get to work with a couple of choices, including.

  • You can choose the time to check your updates. This gives you a chance to allocate a preferred time for updates, meaning you will not be interrupted.
  • You can also decide to avoid the installation of optional updates.
  • There is also the option of installing updates from trusted users.

The Importance of Keeping the Computer Updated

Being notified to perform an update on your pc mostly comes at the most inconvenient of times. It is why most people will keep postponing the actions to a crucial time. People will even put off restarting the computers after the updates have been downloaded, which shows the lack of information regarding the importance of windows update.

Leaving your computer un-updated leaves, you open to potentially hazardous risks and see you miss out on improved functionality brought about by updating the computer. This is especially true for business owners and corporate systems, which may hold important information that may prove extremely detrimental if lost or hacked.

Here are some of the best reasons for updating your computer systems:

1.       Hackers and Cybercriminals

Security threats are one of the most important reasons for updating your computer systems. The older the software gets, the more vulnerable it is to bugs and new malware threats. The code for an out of date windows OS is also easily penetrable for hackers and can be a doorway to your computer access.

The bad thing about the lack of updates is that, after updates are done, the point of vulnerabilities they aim to correct is an open secret for hackers, who can then attack the computer and aim for vulnerabilities that were supposed to be addressed.

As soon as developers work on current issues such as bugs, hackers are always up to starting another one. It is mostly a never-ending game that will most of the time; leave your business or company in the fix if you fail to keep up with the updates.

Ensure to keep your clients and customers safe through constant updates that will take care of their information and data. Ensure you schedule your updates, and keep them at the least disturbing times that will prevent any disturbance to you.

2.       Risk to Documents

Certain kinds of ransomware will take your information and store it at a different place. This makes the need for constant updates for your OS more apparent, as if it risks your data as a company or business, then it is an existential threat to your whole work.

We have seen huge companies and even military installations get hacked, a great example being the Sony hack allegedly by North Korea after the company footed the bill for a satirical movie about Kim Jong Un. The hack led to the loss of important data, including employee data, salary and data n unreleased movies.

Hackers also erased the Sony’s computer infrastructure.

It is essential to understand that how the windows OS works is such that, without updates, even some basic functions may start to falter. Keep this in mind those vulnerabilities may be a way for hackers to identify vulnerable functions within the system and use them to hack into the system.

Lack of updates also causes malfunctions through the system. You may find out some basic functions that have performance problems, which may cause some problems for the user is running a smooth system.

3.       Automatic Updates Disabled

Hackers can prevent automatic updates from happening within your systems. Hackers achieve this by remotely turning down your antivirus, which you may not notice and use the computer normally while opening yourself or your business up for a full-scale attack on your computer systems.

Additionally, hackers can enter your computer systems, turn off your antivirus, and firewall from inside the computer. If this happens, you can consider yourself defeated and expect the worst in hacker attacks.

If this does not motivate you to check on your updates, then you have a serious problem. There are many ways to make sure that the computers are sufficiently updated. Plus, there are other ways to download updates, such as manual updates. Just check on the update center to see whether everything is on track.

4.       Risk of Passing on the Malware

If you function with updated software, you can ensure that you do not pass some problems that may arise from a vulnerable computer on to others.

It is necessary to ensure your OS is updated. The best practice would be to prevent any risk by avoiding copying data from your computer to others.

There are many ways in which malware and viruses can enter a vulnerable system, including emails, USB’S, and hard drives. It is important to ensure you do not use one of these avenues to send anything to other computers as they may prove a dangerous way of transporting malware.

If you are working for a huge company or business, you should understand the potential in the absence of an update. In case you use a USB on other computers within the system, from an outdated system, you risk spreading dangerous malware and viruses across the system, putting your whole organization at risk.

According to Microsoft:

  • Roughly 300k new viruses are created daily
  • 87% of senior managers leak data accidentally
  • 63% of breaches involve weak or stolen data

5.       Missing out on new Features

Another great reason for choosing to update your computer system constantly is due to the features that come with every new update, and the loss of features that may affect the computer once it is out of date.

Once developers create an app, they are always trying to improve the user experience these apps, adding on extra features and any other thing they deem important in usability and user experience. With every update, these features get some extra tuning, which provides a better user experience.

Sales of softwares drive up sales for a majority of companies, and windows updates help with the functionality of the software. Softwares will be created based on OS’s types in the market, meaning that windows updates are done to help improve software functionality and efficiency.

With each improvement on the software is a chance for the company to make money on better software.

A great example would be the Fifa video game franchise. Annual and bi-annual improvements see the game being re-sold again to an enthusiastic crowd.

Ensure you check the status of your updates and ensure they’re automatic and not disabled at any one time. Updates will keep the system on the positive end, receiving additional features as bonuses to a healthy system.

Windows 7 Won’t Update – Everything You Need To Know

Microsoft recently announced about the end of the windows 7 life phase.

The company will stop providing support for the OS and will not provide any more security updates, sad news for the numerous windows 7 fans.

Of course, millions of people are still into windows 7, and the company must have some idea as to how hard it will be to tune and push people into the windows 10 OS. The reception of Windows 8 was not as good as expected, and most people reverted to window 7.

This made it harder for them to make the jump to Windows 10 when it was unveiled.

The fact that there will be no support for the OS means windows 7 will be more susceptible to hackers, as a lack of security update will leave the OS susceptible to new threats and malware.

The company tried as much as they could to provide enough patches to secure the OS after January 2020; however, hackers acquired a reign over the OS the minute support was halted.

To help prevent yourself from this problem, you will have to upgrade your system to Windows 10, which is the most current and the most supported OS as of now.

How to Update Windows 7 – Extensions on Windows 7 Support

Windows users who do not want to let go of their Windows 7 OS, still have the chance of extending their support into 2023. This option will be available for windows 7 professional and enterprise users. The company, however, has not decided the charges for the services, yet.

You, however, still have the chance of downloading and installing the windows 7 OS and use it with no problem whatsoever. The only problem, as earlier stated, will be the vulnerability provided by the lack of support expected from the company.

Upgrading to Windows 10

In case you have a problem with your windows 7 or you are looking to find a new OS to use after you have heard about the loss of life for windows, then there is a way to upgrade to the latest version of windows.

As previously stated, windows will no longer provide tech support for their windows 7 version. Although the OS will not stop working, it will be vulnerable to attacks, and the best option is to upgrade to the next besting, which is windows 10.

Windows 10 comes with some added advantages such as the in-built security tools such as windows defender, which will help protect against all kinds of threats. The windows hello option will provide a free sign-in option to lock your device. Window 10 also comes with the capability for locking and erasing your windows device remotely.

There have indeed been complaints about windows 10, but in comparison to Windows 8, it is the best version based on reviews. However, the software has seen additional development since its introduction to the market, which has gone to fix a majority of the issues initially complained about.

Most of the complaints associated with windows 10 arise from the number of updates windows 10 will carry out, however currently; most users are fine with the OS.

Windows 10 also comes with some added features, including your phone app. This will allow or accessing texts, notifications and apps on the phone. Another important feature is the call feature, which will allow you to place and answer calls from the PC to the android.

You also get the helpful assistant Cortana with the Windows 10 OS.

The windows 10 OS got the November 2019 update, which includes features such as a changed to notifications, making it easier to configure and manage from a website. You also get the chance to create events on the calendar directly instead of going through the hassle of opening the app.

There is a way you can download windows 10 for free, as long as you are running a licensed copy of windows 7 8 or 8.1:

  • You will have to navigate to the ‘windows 10 download page.’
  • Click on the download tool and run. This can be found under creating windows 10 installation media
  • Select on the ‘Upgrade this PC now.’
  • Follow the instructions that will ensure

After the upgrade has been completed, navigate to the ‘settings,’ ‘update and security’ option for activating the license for windows 10.

After the release of Windows 10 in 2015, the company went ahead and offered a free upgrade for windows 7.8 and 8.1 through to July. However, as far down the line as 2017, the option was still open, and one could get an upgrade.

It is worth noting that in case you have home licenses for the version of windows you have, you can only upgrade to the home version of windows 10.

Tips on Using your Windows 10

There are a whole lot of ways to increase the efficiency of the version windows you are using.

After you have ensured that updates are being downloaded and installed, you can proceed to take care of Bloatware.

Bloatware is extra unnecessary features and softwares most PC vendors will add on the computers they sell. Some of these features include games like candy crush and thirty-day trials for softwares. Uninstalling this will not only free your space but will also reduce the toll on your processor. How you go about this is through:

  • Selecting settings on the start menu and select systems
  • On the left menu, select apps ad features. If the option is unavailable to you, just press inside the box and chose apps and features.
  • Select the app you want to uninstall.
  • Click on uninstall

After you have uninstalled all the unnecessary programs and features, you can now copy and sync files. There are several ways and avenues to do this.

  1. One drive synch – in case you have some stuff stored in the one drive feature, they will be downloaded to your new PC after you log into it with your Microsoft account.
  2. Google Drive or Dropbox – these two features will work similarly to one drive; however, they will not come preloaded with windows. You will have to install them and gain access
  3. Copy files manually – you can also manually copy all your files to the new computer or laptop using either of the myriads of ways, including using a hard disk.

Install an Antivirus

This will come in handy in helping protect your device from any threats. Apart from this, dependent on the antivirus you choose, you may get a couple of additional useful features such as a dedicated VPN.

Another great tip is the multi-factor authentication mechanisms, including fingerprint and facial recognition capabilities.


Do not undermine the importance of updating your windows, especially if you are part of a business or company. You may end up hacked and lose important data and information. Ensure you perform random checks to ensure automatic updates are working; scheduling updates will also be a great idea. Sadly windows 7 currently does not have updates; however, both windows 8and 10 are supported.

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