2020 Reviews of 1Password

Have you heard about the 1password manager? We have compiled an all-round review for the app, with the good bad and ugly. Read on for more insight.Are you tired of thinking up new passwords every time you have to log in to a website? Going through all the protocols involved with each new website you want to register to?

1password may just be the answer for you. The software will save and generate dozens of passwords. It will also ease the login of users into websites, to the point of just a click.

The app is available across all OS from Mac to Linux. The software also ranks as one of the best in the market and comes with seamless integration and ease of use for every user.

What We Like

  • Good looking user interface
  • Comes with maps for all OS
  • Secure authentication for new devices
  • Comes with web extensions for most operating systems
  • One time passwords

1Password Review- Pricing Structure

The pricing for the 1Password is quite inexpensive and affordable to most people. However, the app does not come with any free plans.

It offers various plans, including personal plans, family plans, teams, and business plans.

For the basic plan or personal plan, you get to have a single user feature that involves a travel mode, item recovery, and 1GB storage for your documents plus multi-diverse synch. All these you can get at the price of $2.99.

For the family plan, you get to have up to 5 users for the plan.

You also get data and documents sharing capabilities with other users of the family plan. The app also allows you to add users for the family plan at a rate of $1each if five is not enough for you. The overall plan however, comes at $4.99 a month.

For the team’s plan, you get to have 5Guest accounts coupled with 1GB of storage per user. The plan comes at $7.99 a month. The app comes with a duo integration 2FA security system plus admin controls for managing permissions.

The last and best plan for the 1Password app is the business plan. Although the plan comes at roughly double the other plans cost, it covers up for it by providing excellent features.

It comes loaded with 5GB of storage, up to 20-user guest sharing accounts, custom roles, advanced security systems, custom roles, usage stats, and many more features.

Apart from this, the app will also offer you family accounts for free for all their business plan members.

A great thing with the app is that regardless of the plan you choose from 1Password, you get to have a 30-day trial. However, the app will not offer any refunds even when there is still time left on your subscription.

How It Works

You will have to create an account on the 1Password website. After successful registration, you will get a ‘secret key.’

This key is a string of characters created to help you sign in to websites securely.

The key will be required each time you register to a new website; however, there are easy ways to get it back if you forget or misplace the key.

The master password however, will have to be created and memorized. This will be created after the secret key is provided.

After the master key and secret keys have been created, you can now start adding browser extensions.

With mobile apps, the app’s pace is generally enhanced, aye due to the QR codes used to fill in user information.

Ease of Use

Most people will be attracted to a good-looking user interface and maybe a selling point for any password manager. The interface also has to be easy to use, allowing users to navigate the whole app without needing assistance.

The 1Passowr interface is neatly laid out, with menus to take you through the entirety of the app.

The 1Password app comes with a superior security level, where you will require a secret key, master password plus email, and a URL to log in.

A downside to the ease of use is that the app comes with several requirements for logging in, and maybe a tad much for normal users.

Emergency Kit

The app comes with a way to back your master password in case you happen to lose it. This comes in the form of an emergency kit. How this works is such that the kit is stored somewhere you may deem most secure, either in a vault or an email address.

If accessed, the emergency kit comes with some information on how to sign in to the app and the master password.

It is a great way to ensure that your private information is kept safe even when you are away, as you can give the emergency kit location only to someone you trust.

Managing 1Password Vaults and Entries

The app sets itself aside in the way it handles vaults and entries. The app comes with several vaults that allow you to save different kinds of documents and data different vaults without limitations as to the number of vaults you can use.

The password manager will also categorize your uploads down to the exact time uploaded.

You can also break up the entries into categories such as the favorites. The app will allow you to keep our files well organized according to your preferences.

Adding Entries to 1Password

You will need to click on ‘plus’ on the bottom of the screen after selecting the vault you will use to arrange your data.

The app will then ask you for the category you want to use. As stated, there are several vaults available for your use.

As you chose, the app will create more and more categories on the left side.

The field also comes with different properties, such as using a certain category for email addresses and another in the year and date format.

You also have the chance to add notes and such things as tags on the data you choose to save in the app.

1Password Desktop App

The desktop app is amazing and comes with some amazing features. The sidebar for the app has a watchtower and categories section. These are important for the desktop version of the app.

The categories section has already been started and will help you store more than just passwords.

The other feature is the watchtower feature, which is important for your computer’s online security. The watchtower feature will help you select the weak passwords that may be in your computer, and also help you getter stronger ones.

The watchtower features will also be useful in informing you if websites have two-factor authentication systems.

For the desktop app, you can also add a browser plugin. The plugin will help you create passwords and help you create auto-fill login credentials, identity, and credit card information.

The browser plugin will also prevent the need for opening the software to get your passwords. You can just copy-paste the passwords.

1Password Mobile App for Phones

The app also comes with a mobile app.

You can set it as the main default password manager in your phone, and let it take over your login credentials.

When it comes to an iPhone, you will require first to set up the master password, after which you can get the chance to take advantage of the Fingerprint and Face Id’ barometric to unlock your vault.

All you will have to do is choose the appropriate password for the website you want to log in to. The app will fill the credentials for you and voila! You are logged in!

The app will provide you with data from all your vaults and it comes with added features, including password generator and travel modes.

Is 1Password Safe – Security

Compared to most password managers, the 1Password app is much better, with a more complex security system.

The app does not know anything about your master password, as it is never sent to the apps server.

With the help of the secret key that the app generates after you successfully register to the site. The app uses the master password and the secret key to authenticate your account.

The app comes with end-to-end encryption, protecting the device from hackers trying to gain access to your device.

The app will also keep your data encrypted by AES-GCM-256, leaving it secure and hard do decrypt.

The app will also use PBKDFF2 key strengthening. This makes it hard for someone to attack your device and information with password guessers.

1Passsword has never Been Hacked

It is worth noting that the app has never been hacked, adding to the level of security that comes with 1Password. The fact that it has never been hacked is all due to the detail and attention that goes to the development of the app.

1Password Features

The app comes with some other features that will prove useful to you. These features come in to assist with the usability and security of the app. Some of these features are:

Code Signature Validations

This is where the app will validate that an identified developer has developed the website. This is done before the app starts to fill any of your info into one of the sites.

Your data will still be safe if your browser has been hacked or any threats introduced to it.

The app will ensure to provide you with a warning if the browser you are using may be tampered with, or if the app does not know the developer of the browser.

Clipboard Management

The app also comes with the capability to remove passwords from your clipboard, preventing any threats being leveled against you in the event you forgot to delete a password after copying it.

The good thing about this feature is the guarantees you have that any passwords you may forget to delete are removed, and will not be used against you.


The app comes with a locking feature, which makes it impossible for people to access any of your data when you don’t want them to.

The app will automatically lock down when it is not in use for some time, or after the lid to the computer has been closed.

Secure Input Fields

The app also comes with secure input fields that will help you in the case of certain threats like key loggers or any other ways hackers can find out what you typed in the input fields.

If the input fields cannot be hacked, it means that your personal information, and more so the master password is safe.

Watchtower Vulnerability Alerts

The watchtower feature, as previously discussed, will come in handy in case you are about to access a hacked or risky website. It will ensure that the user is kept safe from insecure websites that may pose a threat to their data.

Phishing Protection

No one will be capable of stealing any of your passwords in case they have a phishing website looking to steal your passwords. The app works here because it will only use passwords from sites where they were previously saved.

Phishing sites will not be able to access the data, plus with the watchtower feature, you will have been warned earlier about the possibility of a phishing or non-secure site.

User Required Before Filling Passwords

The app will only save the data that you allow it to save on the site. This means that the app does not automatically save anything, meaning that you will have control over what is saved.

This provides a buffer for your data, as; if you have been warned about a particular website or feel somehow unsure, you will not save the passwords used here.

Biometric Access

The number of devices you can use in accessing your data is multiple, from Mac to Windows to Linux. This can all be done with fingerprint recognition, reducing the chances for keyloggers accessing your information.

Apart from the security feature that the app comes with, it is also well laid out to cater for the ease of use and transparency while using the app.

The app is built based on an open standard, which allows for user criticisms and improvements.

For better development of the app and the ease of use, the app incorporates certain features:

Open Data Formats

The app uses two open data formats. The app uses this code to encrypt our data. The app will leave this open for scrutiny, and any kind of developments and ideas are encouraged.

Trusted Encryption Algorithms

The app also uses high-end algorithms for the app. These algorithms have all been examined and verified in terms of their capabilities to ensure that they keep the app safe.

Principled Privacy Policy

The app comes with a protocol, which will prevent the app from accessing your master password. Apart from this, the app will also prevent any sharing of the information provided to the app.

The simplicity of Exportation Tools

The app also comes with easy ways to move your information in and out of the 1password manager. This makes it easy for all kinds of users to utilize the app without much assistance, making it even more marketable.

Stand-Alone Company

The company will not sell your information for ads as most companies do, meaning that as you use the app, you will not be bombarded with ads as compared to most apps.

Travel Mode

The app also comes with a travel mode, which will allow you to keep some stuff safe and hidden while also making other data or info available. The unsafe data can be safely kept back home to be reinstalled when you get back from travel.

The idea of a travel mode feature is mainly for people whose work involves a lot of travel. It can keep you safe in the less data secure parts of the world.

Password Generator

For a secure system, you need more than the storage of passwords; you need strong passwords that are hard to hack or crack!

The app comes with the capability to generate a strong password for you. 1Password will not automate this process, mainly due to the fear of locking you out of your account.

This can happen if the password fails to update automatically, and the company somehow changes something on the website, leaving you locked out of your account.

The app password generator will be instrumental in updating and creating a new password for you.

It is always advisable to have long character passwords. You can go as high as thirty characters, especially when you do not have to memorize them.

It is always important to come up with random characters to make strong passwords. The 1Password manager will create characters for you in three different ways across capable devices.

The app will mainly use digits, capital, and small letters to create passwords across all devices. The desktop app, on the other hand, will come with the capability of adding symbols.

However, you always have the option of preventing the app from adding certain odd characters from a password such as a 0 and o.

The password generator can also create a password based on words which it will separate in any manner from using commas and hyphens to underscore.

1Password X

This is one of the best features of the 1Password app.

The version of the app was made mainly for chrome and Firefox. The app can function as a stand-alone app on these browsers, making it even more accessible to users.

A great thing about the app in chrome or Firefox is that it will provide you the full experience of the app from access to vaults, password capture, and password generation functions.

The app even comes with shortcut keys for the app and vault.

No Secrets Required to Confirm Your Identity

As previously stated, the app never gets to see the master passwords; and therefore, the app secures a remote password protocol. This allows the login data to be only available to the user.

The app will create a new key different from the secret key and master password, which it will use to send a puzzle to the server, which will prove you are the owner, as you know both the master password and secret key after being solved.

The Downside to the App

There have been a couple of complaints regarding the lack of free features with the app.

However, it is important to note that across the pricing structure, each plan comes with a thirty-day trial period.

Currently, the offer has been changed to sixty days, due to the coronavirus.

What Happens If you Die?

This is one of the more frequently asked questions on the app. It all depends on whether you have left or passed on the master password to the account.

The app comes with an emergency kit that can be kept at a safe place with instructions for it to be passed on to the successor.

The app requires the master password to pair it with the encrypted file stored in the local cache. This is the way you access the app. It is also the reason you have to have the master password.

Customer Support

One of the best things about the 1Passowrd app is customer support.

As the app is a paid platform, the support is affordable for the company. You can access customer support in various ways, including through Twitter, email, and the community forum.

In terms of response time, you will get better services through the twitter support handle than email.

The 1Password staff will also answer questions you may have in the forum.

The app also comes with articles in multiple languages, having answers to all kinds of questions you may have.

The app will also inform you of how your subscription money is spent at the support resources.


The 1Password app is an amazing choice for a password manager. It is easy to use, well laid out, and has great security measures and countermeasures in case you lose your master password.

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