Clean Master Antivirus Review 2020

Are you researching the clean master antivirus. We have an all-round review of the antivirus in one place. Read on for a deeper insight.We rarely delete or take a look at all the accumulated junk we have in our phones in terms of files, apps, pictures, and other content not in use anymore.

The more these junk and other unwanted files accumulate in our phones and other devices, the more the phones speed decrease, and lagging starts.

Apart from this, there are other kinds of system adware and spyware, which also have an impact on the phone causing it to lag.

This is the reason most Android users have resulted in searching for cleaning apps that can keep track of these junk files and also delete them, saving not only the storage capacity of the phone but also the memory. Freer storage and memory will lead to a faster phone.

Apart from this, the cleaning apps will also help protect the phone from potential viruses.

Is Clean Master for Android Safe to use?

When it comes to popularity, the clean master app is one of the most popular. With over 3 million reviews and a 4.5 rating, it is one of the most popular in the market. The app has been downloaded over a billion times and is a product of the cheetah mobile.

The app is, however, a bit confusing to the user starting on it, and you will need to be aware of how you can best put the app to use to get the most out of it.

PC Features of the Clean Master App

The clean master app is accessible to both android and PC.

On windows, the app comes with a couple of features, which include file shredder, junk clean, PC boost, privacy clean, Driver booster, and recovery.

The paid version of the app will also come with an auto-clean feature. There are also other features for PC, which will require downloading such as the Driver Booster, which comes with limited speeds. However, their speeds can improve if the user gets to upgrade the app to the full paid version.

The junk clean feature that comes with the app will check for any unwanted programs within your PC. The clean privacy feature will look for tracking information and move to remove them from the PC browsers.

The PC boost feature, which also comes with the app, will move to clean files on the RAM, which in turn leads to an increase of the RAM speeds, while the driver booster feature will look for malfunctioning and outdated drivers.

It will also download and install any necessary updates for the drivers.

The app also comes with a file recovery option for the PC, which will attempt to recover any deleted files, if the user prefers to do so.

Android Features of the Clean Master App

The app comes with a number of features on the android app including phone boost, antivirus, notification cleaner, AppLock, WI-FI security, WhatsApp cleaner, chargemaster, cleaning junk files, CPU cooler, battery saver, message security, advanced cleaning, game master, safe browser, plus a private gallery where you can keep the more private media to yourself away from prying eyes.

The app has also added an ‘earn coins’ feature,’ Here you play certain games with the potential of earning real money. The app will also add certain widgets to your phone automatically, such as the tap boost and the tap hibernate.

Detailed Clean Master Antivirus Review


The clean master app comes with an antivirus feature that will protect your device from any potential viruses, malware, and other kinds of threats. The antivirus is activated on the device by clicking on the antivirus button, which can be found on the home screen.

How the antivirus works are such that it will run a safety scan on the device, which takes a small duration of time, around ten seconds.

The antivirus will show you a notification as it searches for viruses’ malicious apps and vulnerabilities. However, it will not report on the directories and apps that have been scanned.

The app, however, does not offer the option for changing the type of scan, meaning that it will carry out its scans based on its programming.

The antivirus is, however, more forthcoming with reminders about updates. You get the chance to set the frequency of scans from between daily, every three days, and five days.

The program will also display the version of the app you are currently using.

The effectiveness of the clean master antivirus can be attributed to the fact that it has received the Best Android Antivirus Product.

On testing the antivirus with “test virus,” which introduced the EICAR virus to the app, it did not take a minute to flag the virus.

When it came to the AV TESTS, the antivirus performed well. When it came to the detection of the latest Android malware in real-time, the antivirus app was introduced to around 3,787 samples, where it performed at around 98.7% – 99.4%.

When it comes to the detection of the most recent kind of malware, the antivirus was introduced to around 3,757 samples, where it performed at 99.3% – 99.9%.

When it came to false warnings during installations plus the usage of legitimate apps from google play, the app was introduced to around 2,052 samples, and there were no false warnings reported.

In terms of usability, the app does not affect battery life. The app also does not slow down the phone during normal usage, plus it will also not generate too much profit.

Junk Clean

The app comes with a junk clean feature. It will clean temporary files, including cache, residual files, temporary files, etc. These types of files are mostly created through running programs or during app installation.

Most of the junk files are left behind after a process completes, such as the installation of an app. The more they pile up on the device, the more they affect the performance, causing more and more lag.

Junk files will also affect the device performance and will eat up on the storage capacity of the internal hard drive.

Privacy Clean

This is where the app will come through for the device in terms of privacy issues.

The app will prevent any privacy risks, through ensuring all privacy loopholes are covered depending on the user preferences.

The app will also resolve any privacy risks that may come up by taking the necessary steps in returning the phone to the preferences of the user.

The feature will also disclose any risks in terms of privacy associated with the app.

PC Boost

This helps in increasing computer performance through the allocation of increased portions of CPU power to games and active applications.

How PC boost works are such that it will increase the processors’ intensive software, which will enhance the computer’s processor to run at even faster speeds.

The feature will come in handy for gamers through allocating more memory towards their gaming, other than other processes, reducing the chances for lagging during gaming.

Drive Booster

A drive booster comes in handy for your device, as it will help you scan for any driver issues.

The feature will help provide your device with a much needed safe scan which will check all hardware and devices.

The feature comes with a “checkup” button, which will provide you with a list of all the outdated, missing, incompatible, and corrupted drivers.

After the scan is complete, you will get a comprehensive report, and the option for fixing any problems that may have been found through clicking on “fix.” You also have the choice of downloading each of these drivers one by one and installing them.

The feature will also help you clean any residual files that may have been left to help free up more disk space.

File Shredder

A file shredder is an essential feature of the clean master app. It will allow you to delete any information that is not necessarily permanently.

Currently, there are many programs designed to recover deleted information.

For you to be able to remove any information from your system permanently, you will need a program that is capable of rewriting in a random series of binary multiples.

This is what is referred to as shredding.


The clean master app also comes with a file recovery option.

You can get any important info that may have been mistakenly deleted. Here is a way that data recovery for the app works:

Step 1 – Open the app option for file recovery.

Step 2 – Select the scan mode based on the situation. It may be one of the above, including:

  • Universal recovery – will get you lost data in damaged PC disks.
  • Deletion – will recover accidentally deleted files.
  • Format – this will recover information in the formatted disk
  • USB flash drive/ Memory Card – this will help recover information in a USB drive, memory card and other types of storage devices
  • Empty recycle bin – this will recover files that may have been lost through the emptying of the recycle bin.
  • Partition Loss – this will help recover files lost in disappeared disk partitions.

Step 3 – Select the files that you want to restore.

Step 4 – save the recovered files in the desired location

Step 5 – data recovery is complete.

CPU Cooler

A CPU cooler is made to reduce the temperature of the CPU and other components of the computer or device. It helps the computer in terms of performance, as increased temperatures increase the chance for the devices to malfunction.

Battery Saver

This can come in handy in ensuring the battery lifetime of the device is prolonged.

This can be done through managing memory usage, clearing cache, history, and any elements that may be derailing your memory, and increasing battery use.

Notification Cleaner

A notification cleaner will come in handy in assisting you to control the kind of notifications you get on your device.

In case you have many notifications and wish to delete them, the feature will come in handy.

Message Cleaner

This will do roughly the same as the notification cleaner and will help you with messages, prevent unwanted messages from accessing your device, and even deleting excess messages that may come in.

App Locker

This feature will allow you to lock and protect the app with either a pattern or a fingerprint. It can be useful in locking social media apps, messaging apps, gallery contacts, and any other app you may want to be kept away from the general screen.

WI-FI Security

This feature will come in handy in enabling your device to detect and notify you in case of any fake Wi-Fi networks, that may be set up to steal your data.

WhatsApp Cleaner

A WhatsApp cleaner is an essential tool in helping you clear any junk involved with WhatsApp that may have accumulated in the device, in terms of files and media that may have been downloaded.

The WhatsApp cleaner feature is quite easy to use and will make it easy for you to find what you need to delete.

Safe Browser

This browser comes with added features to help protect your device from any third party activity that may cause harm to your device as you work.

These kinds of browsers mostly come with added with a number of permitted programs plus activities, which will prevent any functions that may not be approved from running.

Safe browsers come in handy in the prevention of specific third-party tools such as cookies from collecting any of your information.

Safe browsers will also prevent the sharing of your identity.

Safe browsers also come in handy whenever you are using the phone for banking purposes online. It will help prevent add-ons, plus it will also force encrypted HTTPS data streams, reducing the chances of hackers getting access to your banking info or your money.

Private Gallery

A private gallery is another feature that comes with the app. It is quite important as it will help you keep your media safe.

You have the option of taking some of the more private or more important videos or photos and keeping them locked in a safer place within the device, that can only be unlocked with a password or any other locking mechanism that comes with the feature.

How Do You Use the Clean Master Antivirus?

The clean master antivirus is free on Google play and it works with most android devices and PCs. Download and install the app, after which you can run to get it started.

The app will run an initial scan and will identify all the junk that can be found in the app. The app will then notify you of all the junk it wants to delete, and the amount of space is going to be freed up in the exercise.

You can then tap on the Clean junk option, which will delete all the unwanted materials from the device.

On the top right part of the app is an advanced option. If you tap on this, you will be directed to a number of options.

The number of sections associated with the app comes with a bit of confusion for the user, plus the app will also come with ads; however, you ought to only focus on the top of the long page that comes full of spam.

Storage and RAM

On the home screen, you can also tap on the storage and RAM. These will come with more options.

The storage will provide you with the chance to also cleaning up temporary files and a different way of deleting apps.

You will find apps listed by size, starting with the largest to the smallest. You can then tap one by one and select delete.

There are more options as you scroll down the page. You will find duplicate photos in which you also have the option for deletion.

You can also go through your music gallery and select the music you do not listen to anymore, with the option of deleting them.

The RAM option on the home screen will scan the running apps that can be closed down. In case you are interested in feeing up the largest RAM, you will have the option of taping on a “boost” button, which can be easily found on the screen to run the action.

Tools Menu

The other part of the app is the tools menu.

This is created to help in boosting the performance of the phone. Most features previously discussed will be included in the tools section of the app.

Any of the apps you want to work with on the app will require you to set them up by permitting them to work on your device through the setting menu.

The tools menu will also come with plenty of shortcuts to a lot of the features found on the main home screen categories.

The tools menu also comes with an iSwipe feature, which is a quick start app launcher. If you choose to swipe the launcher, you can fold the app to the side, similar to a page in a text. The app will also show you trending search results in some of the browsers such as yahoo.

The tools menu will also come with an option for checking network traffic, where you get to download the CM data manager app.

Your Profile

The app also comes with the option indicated as ” me”. This will sign-up for a clean master cloud storage platform. The platform will provide you with around 2GB of free storage.

The cloud storage will be useful in providing backup for your information; you can backup photos or other information you deem important.

If you fill-up the allotted cloud storage, you will have to pay for more space at the rate of $2 for 20GB of space or $6 for 1000GB of space per month.

Home Screen App Shortcuts

Some features, if activated, will add shortcut icons related to the android home screen. If you navigate and tap on the 1Tap Boost, it will close any unwanted processes; while the 1 Tap hibernate will make the apps selected under battery saver to shut down to save the battery life.


The app will acquire a lot of access to the smartphone for the app to function efficiently. The parent company, cheetah mobile, which owns the app, comes with a statement that promises not to collect any user information through the app.

However, it is worth noting that the app has been previously suspected of being a security threat.

Just as the other major social media platforms in the market, the app is not being a security threat does not promise that it does not anonymously gather user information for targeted ads.

To calm your nerves, however, the app has been certified through This is a site run by researchers at Carnegie university. The app even tested better than Snapchat, which got a B grade, while the former got A.

So Does the App Work?

Now, here comes the biggest question. Is it good?

The app comes with some impressive benefits, which, as shown by the numerous features shown above, are quite huge in number.

So the answer is yes, the app does its job as prescribed; however, the app’s impact on the device and making any difference is up for debate.

Most phones currently come with their inbuilt cleaner systems, plus the ads are not quite as pleasing when you keep running into them.

However, on the positive side, even with the cleaners that come with most phones currently, the number of features cannot be compared to the clean master antivirus, which makes it quite worth it.


The app is well worth it, as it will perform the functions it promises.

Also, being hugely popular, and one of the leading apps among its peers makes it the best option if you are looking for a cleaner app.

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