HitmanPro Malware Removal Review

If you are living in the 21st century (which if you are reading this, you are!), then more than likely, you have a smartphone and a computer, if not multiples. One thing you may not realize is that every single time you use your phone or computer, whether it’s for work, shopping, or even social media, you are putting yourself at risk without a proper antivirus.

Cybercriminals are creative, and they will work hard to work their way into your computer or smartphone to cause as much damage as possible. That’s why it’s important to stay guarded, do your research, and find the best antivirus security systems out there.

Today, we are going to review Hitman Pro Malware Removal and see all that it has to offer.

HitmanPro Review

HitmanPro Malware Removal has been around since 1997 and is now being used all over the world. From the Sophos family since 2015, this malware removal software is a Windows-exclusive tool that advertises themselves as a second opinion scanner, not a stand-alone product. This software should be used in conjunction with a traditional antivirus.

Is HitmanPro Malware Remover Good?

Yes, HitmanPro Malware Remover is a good solution for Windows users. It is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, and 10. Unfortunately, there is not for Mac or mobile users.

This software is a good solution, especially for those looking for a basic anti-malware tool, those looking for a lightweight and portable security tool, and of course, those who are looking for protection for their Window-run computers.

Key Features of HitmanPro Malware Remover

  • Available for Windows users
  • Cloud computing technology
  • Real-time antivirus
  • Manual virus scanning
  • Auto-virus scanning
  • Anti-Spyware
  • Anti-Worm
  • Anti-Trojan
  • Anti-Rootkit
  • Anti-Phishing
  • Anti-Spam
  • Adware prevention
  • Email and ticket customer support

Reliability and Security

Because of the cloud computing technology, HitmanPro easily detects malware. One way it is so effective is that it combines data from multiple servers, which determines whether a specific alert is an actual threat or not. Scan engines by Dr. Web, G Data, Emsisoft, and others are used by this malware detector to know better how to deal with dangerous threats.

The most recent test results from AV-Test show that HitmanPro detected and removed 100% of the malicious files. However, because of this software’s unique approach to threats, there are no other current test results.

However, the search engines that this software uses have impressive test scores. For example, G Data detected 100% of malware and ransomware in a recent test. Emsisoft earned a perfect score in the AV-Comparatives test.

As far as reliability and security, HitmanPro has evidence to back up its claims.

Ease of Use

Some customers said that the HitmanPro interface took some time to learn. However, compared to past versions of this software, they have come a long way in ease of use. You will only see three buttons on the dashboard: Settings, Next, and Close.

If you want to run a scan, press “Next.” In “Settings,” you will find all the customizable options, along with detailed scan reports on past scans.

From everything we found, other than a few customer reviews stating otherwise, this software is easy to use. Even if you add security features, the interface stays the same with three main buttons.


One of the best factors of this software is its lightweight performance on your computer: you won’t even realize it’s there until it alerts you. Another perk worth mentioning is that you don’t even have to download it onto your computer. That’s right–you can download it on a Flash drive and use it that way.

The full test scan generally takes around 15 minutes from start to finish, which is very fast compared to other competitors. The scans are in-depth and provide detailed reports, so you can always look back and see the threats identified (if any).

The quick scan only takes two minutes to complete. For a quick scan, this is lightning fast!

Packages: What does HitmanPro Offer?

With this software, you have two packages to choose from: Malware Removal and Alert. You can choose to protect one or three computers for one or three years. Those are your options. Let’s take a look at both Malware Removal and Alert in detail:

HitmanPro Malware Removal

HitmanPro can scan and eliminate threats that are already there. Unfortunately, it does not protect your computer in real-time, and it does not protect against ransomware. (Check out Alert for those features). However, as a basic anti-malware tool that is used with a traditional antivirus, it works well.

Here are the costs of the package options:

  • One PC for one year: $24.95
  • One PC for three years: $49.95
  • Three PCs for one year: $37.95
  • Three PCs for three years: $74.90

HitmanPro Alert

HitmanPro Alert comes with everything that Pro offers, along with some extra perks. You will get real-time virus protection, ransomware protection, online banking, key logger, and webcam protection. A perk is that this protection is automatic and does not need to be scheduled.

The Pro package protects vulnerable programs such as Windows Word, Excel, and others. It also protects against zero-day ransomware thanks to its CryptoGuard feature, which analyzes encryption behavior. It works like this: whenever it detects a threat, Alert reacts by creating backups of affected files and then destroys the ransomware.

Another extra security feature of Alert is that it protects your privacy online. It encrypts user traffic and keeps keyloggers away so they can’t steal your information. If your webcam is turned on without your knowledge, you will get an alert.

Here are the prices for the Alert package:

  • One PC for one year: $34.95
  • One PC for three years: $69.95
  • Three PCs for one year: $54.95
  • Three PCs for three years: $104.95

HitmanPro Trial

While HitmanPro does not offer a free program, they do offer a free trial that can be downloaded from the official website. Both packages are offered as a 30-day free trial. Unlike most companies that offer “free trials,” there are no limitations with this company’s trials. In other words, you will have full access to all the features for free for 30 days.

Another perk is that you don’t need to enter your credit card info to start the free trial. Just enter your name and email, and HitmanPro will email you your download.

Customer Support

Unfortunately, there is no live chat or phone support with this software, but there is plenty of information on their website, including a FAQ section. You can also send the customer support team an email if you need help.

Pros and Cons

Every security software has pros and cons. There is no perfect product out there. Here’s what we like and don’t like about the HitmanPro Malware Removal.

We like:

  • Gives a detailed analysis of every single threat
  • Lightweight (doesn’t affect your device)
  • Behavior-based detection
  • Impressive real-world test results
  • 30-day free trial

We don’t like:

  • Not available for Mac, iOS, or Android
  • No real-time protection with HitmanPro
  • No free version
  • No money-back guarantee
  • No live chat or phone support

Bottom Line

Overall, HitmanPro is a good choice for those who want a lightweight anti-malware solution to use with a traditional antivirus. Before purchasing a licensed version, you can try the 30-day free trial and see what you think!

If you’re using a Windows PC and want some extra protection, then HitmanPro is what you are looking for.

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