OneSafe Password Manager Reviews of 2020

Have you heard about the OneSafe password Manager? Read this review and get an all-round informative text about the software.Our lives are connected to the internet one way or the other, from our economic, social to private aspects. You must have an account somewhere on the internet; and the more these accounts add up, the more the unique passwords you are required to provide.

Using the same password for all your accounts is next to fatal, as if hackers get access to the login information, they will have control over all your accounts, and could negatively impact your life.

It is why you need a password manager to provide safe passwords, save them, and generally make your online lie easier and more reliable.

OneSafe manager is one such password manager, and in this article, we are going to give an all-round review of the software, looking at its strongholds and its critics.

Let’s take a look!

What We Like

  • Affordable
  • User friendly
  • Secure

What We Don’t Like

  • The rigidity of the default folders storage settings

OneSafe for Mac Apps

The software is a winner with an apples editor’s choice in over 80 countries.

Apart from this, the software also received the 2013 mobile start awards. The software is available for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac and other android devices.

The software is also listed as among the top password managers.

It supports Siri shortcuts, apple watches, and a lot more apple-based improvements.

OneSafe Password Manager Pricing

The software is quite affordable, at around $3 a month, you re guaranteed proper security over your passwords and more vital data within your device.

How the software works are such that after registration, they will enquire for billing details which after provided, the charges will be deducted.

The antivirus comes with an option for a refund, and what you have to do here is to contact the support team for a refund. If the reasons for the refund are well within the terms and conditions of the software, then you will get your refund.

How the billing woks is for one time purchasers, the account provided is billed immediately, with the charge coming up on the next credit card statement you get. If you have opted for the monthly subscription, the charges will be billed every 30-day cycle from the date you made the purchase.

OneSafe Password Manager Security

The password manager comes with a two-factor authentication system, making the software even more secure. If you activate the system, you will have the choice of an additional security code which will be required if you want to log into your account. This, together with the master password, will make the 2FA system.

OneSafe comes loaded with an AES-256 encryption system, which means that all your important information will be effectively secure and locked away behind an ironclad vault, impenetrable to hackers. The AES-256 encrypts all the data that comes into the software. At the same time, it will protect your password through also encrypting it in a process that ensures it is hardly retrievable.

Apart from this, the software also comes with other protective features that help the software secure your data even more effectively including, double protection categories, auto-lock systems, password generator, self-destruct options, password change reminders and more.

The software comes with options for users to create a password from roughly five options. You can use a PIN, a four-digit number. You can also employ a standard alphanumerical password. The software will also provide you with the option of a pattern password where you will draw a visual pattern to act as the password. You can also use a combination lock, which is a rotating wheel with numbers.

How the OneSafe Password Manager Works

After a successful registration plus billing, you can download and install the software. It is quite self-explanatory and will take you a minute or two to have it fully installed and ready to go.

To get started with the software, you will first have to go to the toolbox tab on the software. Here you will select ‘safe passwords, ‘option which will help the password manager to identify your browser. It will then take you to the appropriate page where you can download either the Firefox or Chrome extension for the software

After the installation of the necessary extensions, you can now click on the red shield icon on the right corner of the browser and start setting up your OneSafe password manager account.

You will require a username and password. This password is the master password, and the only password you have to memorize, as long as you are using the OneSafe password manager.

If you happen to forget your master password, you might be in a world of trouble, as the password manager cannot help you recover it, meaning you may have lost access to critical information.

After providing your email and preferred passwords. You will click on the create account button, where if everything went according to instruction, you should get a’ successfully created an account.’

You can now start adding passwords to the software.

How the app stores passwords are in a means of categories, which can be edited, dependent on user preference. The default categories included in the software are:

  • Computer – here, you can store computer-related passwords for websites apps or other platforms. You can also store some important information regarding your computer jobs.
  • Document – here you can store important files
  • Wallet – here you can keep banking information, and any kind of info related to your economic life.
  • Favorites – do you have some favorite information you want to keep safe? Go nuts!
  • Double protection – here there are additional passwords required and will come in handy for the extremely vital information you may have.
  • Search – a quick overall search for password
  • All- all the info in the fodders regardless of categories, apart from the double protection

OneSafe will allow a user to add, edit, and delete categories as they wish. The main controls for these actions can be found on the edit tab in the upper left corner.

After you have chosen to add a password, you will be provided with a virtual card, regardless of the category chosen. The cards come with a couple of choices, including:

  • Using a template
  • Using your camera
  • Importing items

The OneSafe password manager will also help you create passwords, dependent on how you prefer the passwords. You have the option of editing the settings to help the software generate passwords more suited to your liking.

To get this done, the steps will involve clicking on the icon key on the right side of the password field, after adding the URL you want to use. Tap on the slider and increase the number of characters you want for your password. Finally, tap ‘Use’, and you’re ready to go!

You may want a certain number of numbers or letters or symbols on your password. To create these kinds of password generation, you will have access to the settings menu for the software. From here you can tap the switch to turn settings on.

Apart from securely storing your passwords and personal information, the app also allows for synchronization through iCloud or dropbox.

OneSafe Password Manager Reviews – Features of the OneSafe Password Manager

Which are some of the features that come with the OneSafe password manager?

1.       Automatic Capture and Store Capabilities

If you happen to visit a site where you create a username or password, the software will automatically store this credentials, and provide them if you happen to come back to the same site. It makes it that much easier for you to access websites without the hassle of repeating inputs to the software.

The password manager will even provide another option for you where you get to select the website right from the software and launch it.

2.       Password Generation

The OneSafe password manager can also generate passwords for you. The software will also generate passwords according to the requirements of the websites you wish to join. Apart from this, the software can also create passwords based on user preferences. This is based on the number and specific kinds of characters, to be used for the password.

The software will also help create strong passwords, which are safe from hackers.

3.       Share Passwords Securely

The OneSafe password manager has also added another important feature as part of the product. You can now share your passwords with other users securely through the software. Rather than sharing info via an email or SMS, which can be hacked, the software will make it easy for other users to access your password with your express consent.

4.       Secure Digital Wallet

You can use the OneSafe software to keep all your important economic and banking details on the phone. No more adding of credit card information on billing info, rather the software will fill in where necessary.

The app will also help keep your device free from keyloggers who track your keyboard movements when adding information to steal your data.

5.       Access to your Passwords from any Device

The software is available for Chrome and Firefox; it is also compatible with IE extensions, IOS and Android devices. This means it has access to major platforms and can efficiently synch your data, across all devices, giving you increased flexibility while dealing with the software, and on your online activities

6.       IOS Universal Search in Spotlight

This enables you to search your iPhone or iPad, the web app store, and maps for things you might want quickly. The software comes with this option and IT will help you get quick search results with little hassle.

7.       Ultra Secure Browser

The OneSafe password manager also comes with a bulletproof browser designed to keep both your data and device safe from hackers.

The browser will check for phishing sites and all kinds of risky pages, where it will block access for the device to navigate to this site.

The browser will also prevent any cookie trails and browsing history left on the website.

  1. Back-Up Data

The software also comes with some cloud storage, which will accommodate some of your vital data from falling to the wrong hands.

9.       Secure Sharing of Passwords

The OneSafe password manager comes with a way where you can securely share data with other users without changing the platform. It reduces the risk of hacking as the information s kept within the confines of the software.

10.   Self-Destruct Option

The software also has a self-destruct option where if the user fails to provide the correct login information, the data contained within the software is erased. This is a great fail-safe plan, as it will prevent any other people from accessing the information through hacks, plus you can maintain another backup, which you can turn to you lose the OneSafe account.

11.   Intrusion Detection

The app is quite amazing at checking against intruders, and if a user fails to input the right details, the software will take a picture of the intruder and store it for the owner of the device.

The OneSafe password manager also comes with other features such as the Face ID option for compatible devices. The software currently supports the dark theme and comes with an even better-looking interface.

12.   Two Factor Authentications

The software comes with a two-factor system that will help keep the software safe. It helps add a security layer that makes it harder for hackers to access the account whether or not they have your master password.

Two-factor authentications can also involve other means of login provided by the software

13.   Double Protection Mechanism

The software also sports double protection mechanism where you can store certain data under a different password within the software.

14.   Multilingual

The software has also been upgraded to accommodate a number of languages, adding the diversity of people on their platform, and making it easier for more people to access the software without necessarily understanding English.

The software accommodates English, Chinese, French, German, Korean, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Polish

In the software, you will find certain vaults or storage locations designed with an extra password to access. This is important as you might share your credentials with another user and end up sharing more than you intended. If you can keep some information hidden within the software, is a great idea.

OneSafe Parent Company

It is important to note that the software is part of a larger suite under the OneSafe software. The other software’s available are:

·       OneSafe PC cleaner

This software will come in handy in handling the system, through identifying and deleting unwanted programs in the ‘start’ menu. You may be amazed at the improvement that can occur by removing a few unwanted software and apps.

The software will also find and delete junk files that may accumulate on the computer or device. Installed apps may also leave some shortcuts, which the OneSafe PC cleaner finds and removes.

·       OneSafe Driver Manager

Are you having problems with your drivers? Alternatively, are unaware of the status of your drivers, you can employ the OneSafe device manager to correct this.

The software will also add all the drivers you might be missing, and ensure they are compatible with your version of OS.

·       OneSafe Mac Cleaner

The software can run a thorough scan on your MAC and inform you of any items that can be deleted as they are of no use to the user. You might end up saving a couple of gigabytes worth of space in a matter of minutes.

The software will do a lot more than check for shortcuts on the computer; it will also look for any hidden fine of little use of the user. Obsolete cache files and applications will also be part of the functions performed by the software.

·       OneSafe Total PC Care

The software comes packed with antivirus and malware protection, a real-time protection against risks and threats plus optimizes your PC to improve performance. You will also get access to a 1.2 million-user database with the latest software for your device.

All these software’s can be purchased and they are all important in terms of the positive effects they have on the software.

Most of the complaints we found were associated with these extra software.

If you can, you should get the whole package and get your whole computer well and effectively protected.

The OneSafe Password Manager Downside

A few people have complained about the rigidity of the default fields in the software.

Otherwise, most people love the app, with more positive reviews than negative.

OneSafe Support

Since the software is a paid one, they have naturally invested in their support team, to ensure users are assisted 24hr a day.

They have the option for email, where you can send them a message through [email protected]

You also have the option for using a phone, where you can call them and ask them questions directly. The number is 1 877 291 3417.

Apart from these two avenues, there is also a QnA section where users can try and find answers to some of the questions you might have.

Apart from this, if you decide to join the site, you can find a forum with a good number of users who may have or be discussing some topic of importance to you. You can also ask a question on the forum and see where it will end.

For email messages, you will have to wait a bit longer for an answer compared to direct calls, and with the current Covid-19 pandemic, the waiting time maybe even more. Phone calls may also be off currently as more people are grounded at home, unable to report to work.

Comparison between 1password and OneSafe Password Manager

When you compare the software with its biggest competitor, a couple of points come up.

First, there is a difference in pricing between the two, which makes one of the software’s more attractive to a potential buyer. OneSafe will charge $14 compared to the 1passwords $50.

Apart from these, there are functional differences where the 1password manager has the edge over the OneSafe password manager, as the 1password comes with better integration to other web browsers. In contrast, the OneSafe password is more concerned with security such as the double-locking mechanism.

Apart from the 1password, there are other amazing password managers at the same level as OneSafe password. A good example is the dashlane password manager; however, in terms of pricing the OneSafe password has an edge against nearly all the password managers out there.

Final Thoughts

The software is a win and an affordable one at that. Apart from this, the software also comes with top of the line security. Its level of encryption is among the best in the market, plus it will not keep your mater password, providing you with the best level of security.

The software also comes with a number of additional features, which make it worth your while. This ranges from synchronization capabilities to a safe browser.

The software also comes with a good-looking interface that is easy to use. It will also automatically fill in your credentials if made in such a way.

The software also came with a 4.5 rating, with an amazing discount that has seen the app reduced to $1.99


Ensure you keep the master password safe, as you don’t want to end up losing your data. Overall, the software is a great addition and it makes your online life much easier and safer. You can also opt for their secure browser if you feel your device may be vulnerable to an attack.

The software is well laid out and will be easy to use for most users.

It is always important to ensure you try out a couple of password managers before you decide which one is the best for you. Ensure you try out each trial version before you settle on the best-preferred password manager.


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