QuickHeal Antivirus Review 2020: How Good Is It?

Have you heard about the Quick Heal Antivirus? Check out this article and get to know all about the antivirus.The Quick Heal antivirus is a pretty decent security system, with an easy to understand layout plus several features that will give you all-round computer support, and protect it from malware and virus threats.

You must be interested in the Quick Heal antivirus if you came across this article, so stick with us to get an in-depth review of the Quick Heal antivirus and help you along your way to your new software.

Let’s take a look!

What We Like

  • Impressive rate of virus and malware protection
  • Excellent results on URL blocking
  • Emergency disk and boot-time scans

What We Don’t Like

  • Anti keyloggers not as good

How the Quick Heal Antivirus Works

Everybody gets a 30-day trial run of the Quick Heal antivirus. After downloading and installing the antivirus, you will need to update the license key to upgrade to the paid version.

The free trial will be critical in helping you come to your conclusion on whether you want the antivirus or not.

The antivirus will need some information from you, including:

  • Email address
  • Full names
  • Phone number
  • Country of residence
  • State and city of residence

It may seem a bit intrusive asking for all this information; however, the company promises to keep the information safe and only use it to increase the overall user experience.

You will get a request from the software for connecting the antivirus to their remote device management. Here, all you need to do is register with your email address, create a password, and subsequently provide your product key.

You will then have to go back to the quick heal software and activate the remote device software, which will give you a one-time password, which should be entered into the online software. The process may seem a bit overwhelming for some; however, it is not necessary, and the software will function just fine without it. However, with it, you can rest assured you will have a better experience of the antivirus.

After installation, the main window comes with a big notification banner on the interface, which will provide you with information about the computer’s security status. On the top, you will also get a panel that carries the files, folders, emails, external devices, and drives. On the bottom, you will see a news panel that comes with some educational links.

The antivirus comes with a couple of scan types. To choose the scan you want, you will navigate to the scan options on the software’s interface. You have the choice for the full scan, scheduled scans, and boot-time scans.

Boot time scans are a fantastic type of scan, which will run a diagnosis of your computer when you start it. They help look for viruses in places they might be hiding within the system. Scheduled scans, on the other hand, will help you scan specific folders and files, rather than the whole system.

Scan Choices

The antivirus will take around 30minutes to do a full scan; however, subsequent scans will become even faster, with its second and this scan recording significant improvement in the time taken to complete them.

The antivirus also comes with a quick heal option, which will offer screen locker protection through keystrokes, preventing you from keyloggers and screen locking types of ransomware.

There are times when the malware attack can be so heavy that it may render the system useless. This instant, the antivirus cannot be accessed, and the software comes with an emergency disk option. To activate the option, you navigate the tools menu up to the emergency disk option.

You will also get the option of a wizard, which helps you download the latest emergency disk updates, and how to create a bootable disk.

The tools page also comes with a different antimalware scanner, which will focus on spyware, fake antiviruses, adware, etc.

Scheduling a Scan

First, open the ‘quick heal antivirus and select the scan options on the dashboard. Choose the scan schedule on the files and folders screen, and select new. You can now type the scan name and under ‘scan frequency;’ you get to select the scan time, scan frequency, and scan priority.

You can choose to select the daily scan or the weekly scan under the scan frequency. You have the choice of selecting the scan at booting, where the system will be scanned once you start up the computer.

If you want it done at any other time, you also have the option of selecting that.

For the scan priority, you choose either a high scan or a low one, which comes as the quick scan antivirus default.

The scan settings option will also prove you with a couple of different options, including; the scan mode, advanced options, actions to take on identifying a virus, and the option of file back up.

You can also select the option for initiating scanning when in case a scheduled scan was not actualized. This may happen for any reason that your system may have been switched off. You can do this through the ‘run task as soon as possible if missed.’

Click on next and choose the folders you want to be added for the scheduled scans. Add the fodders. You also have the option of adding multiple drives on the system. You can also choose to exclude specific subfolders from the scan if you want to.

After you have finished with scheduling scans, the software will allow you to verify your choices before you click on finish.

QuickHeal Antivirus Lab Tests and Results

The antivirus was taken through a couple of tests, including the AV-Test Institute testing. The institute will evaluate the antivirus in here different ways.

  • The security capacity of the antivirus
  • Impact on the system performance
  • Usability score

On each of these tests, the antivirus has the capability of achieving a maximum score of 6. Quick Heal achieved 5.5 on each score; however, other leading antiviruses such as Bitdefender (review) achieved a six score, getting a perfect 18 points.

Apart from this, the antivirus also comes with a certification for malware detection.

Lab Test Result Chats

The antivirus also participates in four of the five tests performed by AV-comparatives. How the tests work is such that if a product passes one of these tests, the antivirus will earn a standard certification. If an antivirus passes more than one test, then you get an advanced or advanced plus certification.

Quick heal earned an advanced+ certification due to the performance and static file detection test. The antivirus also performed impressively on the level of clean the software takes on malware. When it came to the product dynamic test, it performed at the standard level.

On these tests, Avira (review) and Kaspersky both performed well in all the five tests.

In the handbrake test, the antivirus helped the system improve from encoding an HD MKV File from an hour fifteen minutes to less than an hour. The performance, although not the best, can be taken as pretty decent, enough to ensure your system is well protected.

Is Q Heal Antivirus Good and Safe?

Phishing Protection

The quick heal antivirus will help protect you from any phishing sites, while also doing something to prevent users from accessing such sites through notifications in case the software does not trust a site.

The antivirus, however, came in behind its competition when it came to phishing sites. Quick heal came in thirty-two points behind Norton (review) and twenty-four points behind the in-built chrome anti-phishing system. It, however, came in ahead of Firefox and windows explore.


The antivirus also comes with a firewall option. From the tests carried out on the firewall, no malware coder could disable the protection. This means the firewall is impressive when it comes to strength and toughness. It was impossible to kill any of the processes associated with the firewall from the tests carried out.

When it comes to third-party apps, the firewall left the system open to a ping echo, which is how you can be trolled in case you are online.

Ransomware Protection

The quick, safe antivirus also comes with quite an effective antivirus. It comes with a couple of added features, such as signature-based detection. This is the software’s capability to intercept threats that may try to come into the antivirus through email

The ransomware will also constantly be at the heel of the system for ransomware infections. This the antivirus does through monitoring any download files for signs of an attack.

The ransomware will check the behavior of a program, how it will behave, and prevent it from causing any damage.

The antivirus ransomware tool also comes with an inbuilt data backup and restoration tool. This will help back up your files and store them somewhere hackers will not reach. In case of a ransomware attack, the files can be restored.

Pc to Mobile Scan

The quick heal antivirus also comes with the capability for cleaning and protecting your phone too.

All you have to do is connect the mobile phone to the computer with the quick heal antivirus. Connect the phone to the software and scan it for malware. The Pc2Mobile scan will support windows, android, iOS, blackberry, and Symbian phones.

Browser Sandbox

The antivirus also comes with the sandbox option. It helps isolate infections, which helps protect against new malware.

The feature needs to be turned on, which will require a reboot. If the feature is working, you will see a green border around what it is protecting. It will also open downloaded material through a sandboxed space.

The feature also comes with the option of banning browsers from accessing confidential folders. It is also possible to prevent any browser-related processes from making any changes in the protected folders.

Parental Control Features

The antivirus comes with parental control features that will give the competition a hard time. The parental control system will provide a way for you to block unwanted websites. It also comes with an application control tool that will help lock down programs on the computer.

Pc Tuner

One of the less talked about features of the antivirus is the PC Tuner. The tune-up utilities will come with a decent Pc Tuner, which will provide a disk defragmenter that will all come in handy in increasing your computer’s performance.

Cloud-Based Email Security

This is among the best ways to prevent spam emails, phishing threats, ransomware, and malware. Due to the lack of hardware to buy and software to install, the cloud-based system will be easy to implement, plus it means it will come with a bigger space.

Track my Laptop Service

It is hard to get back your stolen laptop; however, with the quick heal antivirus, you get a chance at tracking it, and even getting it back.

With the track my laptop service, what you will get is that even if the computer is wiped clean, the feature can still verify the details of the devices, showing whether it is stolen or not. Whether the computer is hidden on a hill or somewhere else, there is still a chance at recovering it with the track my laptop service.

Safe Banking

The antivirus will also come with safe banking features, where you will be protected from any sites that may steal sensitive banking information. You will get a safe type of session on the desktop, which will help with your financial transaction on the banking portal.

The banking feature comes with a shortcut, which will make it easier for your banking activities.

Data Theft Protection

The theft also comes with anti-data theft protection features. How this work is such that you can block any unauthorized copying of information from the computer through such devices as flash disks. This will help keep your computer safe from any threats that may come in through the USB.

Import and Export Settings

You also have the opportunity to export the software to other computers. This comes in handy where you can import the settings into a new computer rather than the installation of the software in every computer where you are working with a multiple of them.

Silent Mode

Quick heal antivirus also comes with the capability for muting notifications when you are looking for peace and quiet. The feature will not interfere with the security work for the software.

Forgot Password

This option helps you reset or recover your password if you lose it.

Virtual Keyboard

The antivirus also comes with a virtual keyboard that will prevent keyloggers from reaching and stealing your valuable information.

Track Cleaner

Quick heal antivirus also comes with a track cleaner, a feature that will help you with deleting certain traces, including recent file lists, cookies, cache files, history, and other web surfing traces. The feature will also wipe MRU lists for 7-Zip acrobat, and other Microsoft Office programs.

The antivirus will also remove traces of chrome, internet explorer, edge, opera, and safari.

Diagnostic Tools

There are also diagnostic tools that come with the antivirus. However, these tools are not meant for you unless you are an expert on antiviruses. The diagnostic tools are meant for a support technician in case you experience any trouble using the tool.

There is a system explorer, which acts like a task manager, and it will kill any processes you might want stopped.

Quick Heal Pricing

The antivirus comes at the price of $74 for one user annually. In case you are looking to get more security, you have the option of a multi-device option for an extra dollar. This option will offer you three devices for one year.

This looks like a high price to pay for only three devices, whereas you can get more than nine devices on a $100 charge annually. However, it is worth noting that the price difference is just a dollar, meaning the software charges $75 for protection, while other antiviruses come with several different payment plans from the cheap to the more expensive.

It would not do the company any harm to add some more flexible plans to accommodate more people.

Ease of Use

The download is quite easy to find; however, it may take a bit of time to finish downloading the whole thing.

The antivirus comes with a central dashboard-style layout that will control virtually everything on the software. Apart from this, the antivirus has a menu on the side, which can help you reach any other features you might need.

The antivirus also has the capability of generating separate launchers for certain features such as the malware scanner.


The antivirus comes with quite the capable support team and mechanisms. You can get to support through the telephone icon at the bottom of the phone.

You get a couple of options in trying to reach support, including email ticketing system, live chat, and a web-based pool of answers and necessary information.

You may choose to check the FAQ and forum support first before calling on the support team, as the amount of information discussed is overwhelming. You can search or sign up to the forums to ask your questions. Apart from this, you also have the option of email ticketing and live chat.

The best option here would be to use live chat as it gives you instant access to the support team, however, if you decide to use the email ticketing system, you will have to wait for at least 24 hours before you get any replies.

The software also comes with remote support functionality. This can be launched from the program and will help allow a support technician to access the antivirus directly and remotely control it, helping you in any case or problems you might have.

The remote support functionality works in the same way the team viewer software works through providing a way for a person in another location to access and control your device through another computer after you synchronize both devices across the internet.

Some of the Things People Did Not Like

Malware testing was a problem, as the antivirus did not come with a perfect score on testing for malware was a reason for people to lose some trust for the antivirus. As previously stated, when it came to malware testing, the antivirus could not perform at the same level as the competition.

The antivirus was introduced to a couple of malware, where the antivirus performed at 58%, while others like checkpoint zone alarm killed off 81%% of malware. When it came to re-introducing the malware back to the antivirus, the antivirus detected up to 94%.

The antivirus, however, allowed some malware to plant executable inside before removing them.

Th3e firewall layout is another problem for the antivirus, whereby, although it is effective in its execution, the way it is laid outcomes short in terms of expectation. The firewall comes with a simple layout; however, simplicity seems also to carry some negative effects.

When it comes to blocking malicious threats, the antivirus comes with a low level and block level for traffic. On the low level, the firewall will allow all traffic, while on the block feature; it will block all traffic, leaving the user vulnerable to either attack or complete quarantine. This shows a lack of middle ground where you can allow some protection, and some traffic to pass through.

The antivirus also received some negative reviews when it came to the phishing protection, as the antivirus could not prevent trolls from reaching your computer.

The pricing for the antivirus is also a problem where, the charges seem to be quite high compared to other platforms, while at the same time inflexible for any users who may want a cheaper option.


The quick heal antivirus is fantastic software and will keep your system free form any viruses; however, you may want to test it for yourself first before making a decision.

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