Security Master App Review

Are you looking for an antivirus for your android? Have you checked out the security master antivirus? Previously known as CM security master, the security master antivirus has seen not only its name changed, but also a complete revamp of the entire app coupled with new features curated to increase protection for your device.

Unless you are looking to have your device compromised by hackers or viruses, you should take security with the seriousness it deserves.

The security master antivirus is one of the top antiviruses with top of the line security tools that ensure the safety of your device.

One of the best features for the antivirus is the file system-scanning tool that will go through your phone and identify viruses that may pose a threat to your phone or device.

If you are looking to see whether the security master antivirus is worth it, then read this comprehensive review, and see the strengths and weaknesses of the app, as well as the compatibility and features in this article.

Let’s take a look!

Our Verdict

The security master antivirus is a great and reliable antivirus, which comes with some reservations on the malware protections that might vary in terms of results over time.

Security Master App Review- Pros and Cons


The free version has access to many features such as:

  • Capable call blocking
  • Excellent visuals
  • VPN service for all plans


  • Inconsistencies in malware protection
  • The paid version costs quite a bit
  • Annoying ads
  • No SMS anti-theft functionality

Payment Plans

The antivirus comes in two plans, from the free plan to the VIP plan.

The antivirus will come with the same features on the free plan as the VIP plan, with the only difference between the two plans being the VPN that comes with the antivirus.

The VIP membership plan comes with a one-month, three months, and yearly subscriptions with payment as follows:

  • One-month membership – $11.99
  • Three-month membership -$20.99
  • Annual membership -$35.99

Compatible Devices

What is the antivirus compatible with? It will work well in nearly all devices from macs, iPhones, android devices, and Windows computers.

Is Security Master Safe – Malware protection?

Since the revamping of the security master antivirus app, it has seen the removal of the prominent button, which scans for malware on initial opening the app, a feature available beforehand.

After the revamp, the app came with a number of options, which could be a bit overwhelming, plus it also came with a number of add-ons. The previous scan button made things much easier, as it quickly let the user jump right to the scans.

Currently, how you get the malware scans to work is through tapping the scan button on the lower-left corner of the main screen. After running the scan, the antivirus will provide you with the results it finds in three different categories, namely: security, internet, and privacy.

The app, however, does not come with the concept of a quick scan or a full scan. For you to run what was initially a full scan, you will need to open the menu on the upper right and click on scan files.

The antivirus also comes with an option for daily weekly or monthly scheduled scans. The option can, however, be improved through such options as a condition-based scan on a timed scan.

The security master antivirus still lacks an option for web protection. Most antiviruses come with an option for protection against web threats; however, the security master antivirus comes with an option for a private browser.

This safe private browser will act as a barrier against any threats you may get online, which, if not used, then your device will be susceptible to viruses online. You can add a shortcut to the safe browser anywhere you deem convenient for you.

Malware Performance

In comparison to most of the other antivirus apps, the security master undergoes bigger fluctuations.

In a German 2017 independent lab AV-TEST, the results showed that the antivirus security products achieved the perfect score of 100% on the 3016 real-time threats that were introduced to the antivirus.

Also, of the 2917 samples collected in the previous four weeks, the antivirus tested at 100%

In a previous test done in July 2017, the antivirus tested at 99.0/99.3%. The score was below average in terms of the detection rate in comparison to the 19 other security apps that were part of the AV-TEST.

This was a drop from the previous 100% result registered in 2017 May. On another test conducted in March of the same year, the antivirus tested at 99.8/100%

The antivirus was compared to four other antiviruses, which are submitted for AV-TESTS, Norton mobile security, and Bitdefender, both matched at the 100/100% detection rate in September.

Avast mobile security registered at 99.8/100% and the PSafe DFNDR registered at 99.7/100%

In July and May of 2017, both Norton and Bitdefender got the same scores. PSafe’s were 99.9/99.9% in July and 99.4/100% in May. They both ended up at 96.3/97.2% in March, which was the least in terms of consistencies of all the scores tested.

Avast tests showed it to be much more steady with 99.8/99.9% in July and 99.5/99.8% in May and 99.9/99.8% in March.

However, the fact that the app scores at an average of 98% are a great indicator as to the antivirus abilities of the app.

The security master is up to the task when it comes to malware protection, and although it may come with some result-based inconsistencies, they are not as huge as to cause alarm to the normal user.

Some expert users may find some fault with the AV-TEST scores; however, overall, the range of results proves that the app is quite worthwhile.

Security Features that come with the Security Master Antivirus

Safe Connect VPN

The antivirus comes equipped with a VPN service for all plans found on the security Maser antivirus. The only difference between the paid plan and the free plan is the fact that the free plan will only afford the user a maximum of 200MB of data per day.

The data provided is enough for some very light private browsing; however, for some more in-depth browsing, it would be advised to get on the VIP paid plan, which comes with unlimited access to the VPN.

The VPN feature is quite impressive, simple, and well laid out. It comes with a running track for you, which will inform you of the extent of your usage in the free plan.

The connection takes a short time to get you on the private servers, so does switching between the different servers in different locations.

With regard to the price range, the antivirus, plus the unlimited data VPN comes at roughly the same price as other competitors in the market. At the same time, the absence of ads on the paid service is also an added incentive.

However, it will all depend on the level of need for the VPN service, and whether you are a light or heavy user.

As the VPN service also comes with some sophisticated features, for those who want to use more than the 200MB of the free VPN data, minus the sophisticated features, you can consider other VPN services, such as the CyberGhost VPN.

AppLock and Vault

The antivirus also comes with an AppLock system. This will allow you to restrict your apps from unrequired access. You can use various methods to prevent access to the apps, including a pattern lock, your fingerprint, or PIN.

The app will automatically recognize social media apps in preference to locking; however, you can add any other apps through tapping on the apps you want to lock.

After you have locked an app, then a screen will show up whenever you try to open the app, which will display both the tie or weather and the icon of the app you intend to open.

It is advisable to set the app to lock itself whenever it’s left alone for more than 3 minutes. This will help reduce the window in which unwanted users may have a chance at accessing any private apps.

Change the AppLock settings is through the app lock settings, which will give you the possible options you can manipulate.

A great addition to the AppLock feature is the privacy options it guarantees in terms of hiding photos or text that may come out through private chat messages on your device.

In case someone inputs the wrong pattern or form of password to the app, then you can choose for the app to take an automatic selfie of the intruder, which will be automatically saved on the phone, and also sent to your email address.

This will be done covertly without the intruder realizing it.

The AppLock feature will also come with a ‘disguise cover,’ ad it has a fake crash dialogue box on a selection of locked apps. You will have to press the ”close dialog” box for a small while, which will progress the standard AppLock screen.

For this feature, also, in case a user taps on the box twice in less than the set number of minutes for automatic app lock, then a selfie will be taken privately and saved with another being sent to your email address.

What you will receive on your email address will be a timestamp an explanation for the reason for sending the picture to your mail plus a link to the Find Phone Site in case the device is missing.

Another amazing feature that comes with AppLock is the vault. This is a space offering some features to help with your online security.

These features include a private browser, which will run security checks and clean everything after using the net, plus a list of private bookmarks where when you click on the one you will access through the apps safe browser.

The vault will also let you store photos, which will be encrypted and hidden from other photos in your gallery.

Message Security

The security master antivirus also comes with message security. This feature locks up notifications from your locked apps, preventing them from viewing by prying eyes.

You can access them through unlocking the app. After you re done looking, then you can clean them up through the clean messages button.

The reason behind this is that if you are keen on keeping your messages private, then showing notifications will not help, as they will tell unwanted users of incoming messages.

However, if you keep both the messages and the notifications hidden, no one will have a clue as to whether you have incoming messages or not.

Wi-Fi Security

The security master antivirus also comes with Wi-Fi security. The feature will come in handy in performing a couple of Wi-Fi diagnostics on Wi-Fi networks.

It also comes in to help look for malicious activity, plus it will also provide speed tests to tell whether the Wi-Fi network is worth joining. This will come in handy in determining the best networks to join and causes of a slow network.

In case a network is deemed insecure, then it can be cleared from your device, and you will be prevented from joining them in the future. Also, to save battery life, the app can shut down Wi-Fi whenever you are out of range.

Caller ID Blocking

The Security Master Antivirus also comes with the best caller ID blocking in the market. The app comes with some of the best and familiar material design aesthetic.

The caller ID will show your calls as a list, and it will add info from the internet to point out known businesses or telemarketers, which is important in the case you want to prevent any kind of unsolicited calls.

The blocklist tab will also come with the option of preventing calls for a specified amount of time. It will also block specific types of numbers such as private numbers, numbers absent in your contact, or international number.

The block ID app also comes with the option for importing numbers o block for your call logs, SMS logs, or contacts.

The Caller ID blocking feature will also provide advanced settings to allow you even to block calls from a certain area code you might not want to get calls from.

However, although the caller ID blocking feature is quite effective, the app will still need some improvements when it comes to scheduling windows of time for blocking calls.

This means that you get to set the specific times you want caller blockings rather than them starting immediately after you set up caller ID blocking.


The antivirus app also comes with some anti-theft features. The anti-theft features may be simple. However, they fit their purpose and they provide you with effective anti-theft mechanisms for your phone.

Users have the chance of locating, wiping, or triggering a siren on the device through the web portal:

You will first have to enable your account through registration of your account, after which you can use the find phone settings menu in the app through Google, Facebook, or email account.

On testing all the features of the anti-theft app, all the features work extremely well, with the commands going through the phone at a fast rate.

The anti-theft feature will also allow you to create and send a message, which can provide a phone number and an email address, which can be used to get your phone back from a person who may pick it up in case it is lost

The anti-theft feature will, however, does not allow you to issue an SMS command to activate anti-theft functions in the phone. It will, however, provide the option for sending an unlock command through SMS to the phone in case the security master antivirus has locked it.

Real-Time Antivirus Protection

The antivirus also comes with protection from virus attacks when you enable real-time protection. The app will allow you to scan any downloaded files from the internet or other devices before they have a chance at harming your device.

If you constantly update the device, then the app will be ready for any new malware or threats that may pose any kind of trouble for the app.

Other Features Provided by the Security Maser Antivirus

CPU cooler

The security master antivirus will help to cool your device. When the device runs too many applications at once, the processor may become hotter and hotter.

The antivirus comes with a cooler utility, which will cool the processor down.

Virus Definitions

The antivirus also comes with an offer for updating virus definitions. Having an up to date antivirus comes in handy in ensuring the app is conversant with any new threats that may be introduced to the phone.

Junk Cleaner

The security master antivirus also comes with an option for increasing the storage of your phone through detecting and offering the option for deleting junk.

System Impact

The performance impact of the security master antivirus- Multiple tests through Geekbench 4 Android benchmarking tool on a Samsung galaxy phone showed that the antivirus performance scored 1.97% lower than the bassline average on the geek bench 4 test.

The app did not perform as well in the performance impact; however, it came in fourth place when it comes to performance during a malware scan.

Setup and Support

The setup for the antivirus takes a little while to complete; however, the full setup, with all the tweaking and default settings completely installed it will take around ten minutes.

The setup is a one-time thing and it will allow you access to the full range of the app features.

The support for the antivirus has stepped up in recent times, with a feedback mechanism that will allow you to send the antivirus support team an issue with an attached image if you choose to.

The app also allows for a request for the support team to get back to you through any of the various methods, including mail, WhatsApp, skype, line, or google hangouts.

The app also comes with the option of helpful FAQS.


The security master antivirus has an excellent interface; however, it does not lack some weak points. However, the interface is quite good-looking and it will cater to virtually everything provided for by the app, right on the interface.

A few common tasks are handled through scrolling down the main screen. Most of the other features, however, can be found through hitting the menu button on the upper right.

Through an update made in 2019, the menu can now go to full screen, which increases the ease of access, as the menu comes with at least 15 items. The app also comes with a different settings menu, which can be found within the menu button.

The settings menu comes with features found on the app, with an addition of other features that might have been missed by users.

The security master antivirus will not have a huge impact on your phone, and will not take a toll on your devices RAM. The app comes with a battery saver feature, which will hibernate apps that cause excessive battery drainage.

Bottom Line

The security master antivirus is one of the full-featured security apps in the market. Although the paid version of the app is a bit expensive, the app comes with a free version, which is not limited in terms of features.

The app will also come with so many features; you might not know what to do with some of them.

Although the app has shown some inconsistencies in the AV-TEST, the inconsistencies were not as huge as to render the antivirus ineffective. This is due to the range of inconsistencies varying between the nineties to one hundred.

Ultimately, the antivirus will do a commendable job, and with the number of features, plus the range of activities it can handle add on the capabilities of the app. As long as you don’t mind the price, you should get yourself the security master antivirus.

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