What Do People Say About True Key?

Have you heard about the true key password manager? If not, take a look at this all-round review for the password manager, and check to see if it is worth its marbles.The true key is a fantastic password manager under the Mcafee brand, meaning one of the top security software companies in the market backs it up.

The software will render all your password problems obsolete, and ensure you are kept secure from any possible hacks.

The password manager will handle all your password tasks with a preference for its two-factor authentication mechanism. The password manager lacks some of the more common features associated with password managers, including password inheritance, secure sharing, and other features.

Let’s take a look at an in-depth review of the true key password manager.

What We Like

  • Two-factor authentication mechanism
  • Synchronization of all your passwords
  • Will work fine without a master password

What We Don’t Like

  • Lacks advanced features
  • Will not support either safari or internet explorer

How it Works

Security will always trump features, and with the true key password manager, you get software built around the security strength. Besides, the software will work across all platforms from Windows, macOS, Android, plus iOS.

To start working with the software, you will first have to download it from its website and install it on your computer.

One of the good things about the true key password manager is that it is entirely online; this means that you can access it from virtually any device. The software also accommodates multi-factor authentication systems such as facial and fingerprint recognition.

The password manager also comes with a browser extension, which will help you get some access to the software through browsers.

After you have installed and registered for the software, you can then import passwords from other password managers or other software. You can also import from Chrome, Firefox, just through browsing around the internet and adding extensions manually.

The True Key password manager offers various ways for users to arrange their passwords, including alphabetically and most used. You also get a couple of customizations with the software with such features as notes, where you can add some info under say a password. However, the software will not support image attachments.

The password manager also comes with an advanced option where you can either require a master password every time you log into the software or get the instant log. This comes in handy in the case of key loggers, as you don’t have to keep typing in your passwords.

The instant log in master key feature is a unique feature for the true key password and is what will come in handy in logging you in where you do not have to retype your credentials.

The true key password also comes with safe notes, where you can store some extra info. The safe notes are also protected by your master password and come with some sorting options applicable to passwords.

Apart from passwords and safe notes, the software also offers you the option to store your more important information, including addresses, credit card information, and your social security number. How the software works are it will come with some forms where you can store your information.

The software’s profile page also comes with the options for customization for the profile. You get the option for changing your profile photo, editing your master password, adding an email, and adding a device to your trusted devices for login into the true key software.

The true key password manager will also show you how many times you have logged in to the software.

The software will also come with a setting page. Users will get a couple of options from customizing when you want to be signed out, the signing in options you have, and exporting your information.

The software also comes with a mobile version.

You will have to register for the mobile version, too, with some of the unique features being a secure web browser that will guarantee your security. Apart from this, the mobile version will also come with a couple of website suggestions true key users tend to add.

The user interface is also quite easy to use and will not be much of a hassle getting acquainted with it.

True Key Review-Plans and Pricing

Contrary to most password managers, the true key password manager does not have as many payment plans; however, you will also get the free version of the password manager and another paid plan, as the true key plans.

The only difference between the free and the premium plan is that you get 15 password entries for the free plan with the same number of features across both plans. The premium option will provide you with unlimited password entries, plus the pricing is more on the affordable side.

It is advisable to use the free version first to get your mid-right before you decide to make a purchase!

True Key Password Management

The password manager will carry out some tasks for you, from capturing your credentials and automating your logging process on return sites. The way the software works is to notify you of the option for saving credentials or not providing you with a small way to increase user control over password management on websites.

In case of some weird logins, the software will send the information about the login to the developers who, in turn, will update the software accordingly.

In case you have some passwords stored in a risky manner within any of the websites, the true key password manager will give you a chance to import them for storage. Here what happens is the true key will clear them from the website after import.

The password manager will also offer you tips and offers to generate your passwords for you. After you have installed and started using the software, you will get an automatic 16-character password for the device. This is an edge above other password managers, as most of the competition will mostly generate eight automatic character passwords.

One of the amazing things about the true key password manager is the simplicity it comes with. The software does not have many settings to work with and will give you an easy time as you browse through it.

The software will also log you out of a website in case of some time of inactivity. This, however, has to be edited as the default period for the inactivity is two weeks!

You can save any number on the password manager and come with different color codes and ways of saving your data uniquely.

McAfee Password Manager- True Key Security

The true key comes with the same impressive security design as its top password managers in the market. You will get secure AES-256 encryption security-one of the best encryptions currently in the market.

Also, the fact that the software is a product of the MacAfee company goes to show the level of detail to secure the software possesses.

Is True Key Safe-Security Features

Multi-Factor Authentication System

The way the true key password manager works is to offer the user two ways of verifying your identity as you log into the software. You have the options for ‘basic or advanced’ login methods, with the master password required for the basic login. In contrast, a combination of the master password and added technique such as a fingerprint scan are required for advanced security.

A unique thing with the true key software is that you will have the opportunity to reset your password in case you lose it. This is, however, only possible if you have the second log in factor enabled. Although resetting your master password is an added advantage, it may pose some problems, where someone may change your master passwords and ease you out of your account.

The true key software, however, planned for this and it has provided for a way for you to turn off the feature and opt for a better way of storing your master password.

When it comes to the two-factor authentication system, the software offers you a lot to choose, including face and fingerprint recognition, email verification, and users with iOS can use the TouchID system as a factor.

True key supports the Intel reals sense camera plus it will also accommodate pc fingerprint reader tech, brining most pc users int the fold.

In case you have access to the software extension for the edge browser, you can use the windows hello function as another authentication factor.

It is the same thing Pc users will use to log into their windows accounts using facial recognition software or PIN.

Multi-Factor Maven

Apart from the capability to sync your data across different devices, the true key password manager will also involve the devices in the security authentication process, adding a valuable layer of protection.

The protection layer in the form of the log-me-once password management suite will also provide the software with various authentication methods.

It may not be as feature-packed when it comes to true key vs. LastPass, however, is strong and better than the Last Pass software on the two-factor security.

Kill the Password

The true key will allow users to access their accounts without their master password, as long as they have other means of verification.

If you decide to use the log me once feature, you can also register to the account without adding the master password.

At the basic level of the true key software, you can choose other self-authentication methods such as facial recognition or fingerprints. If you decide on an advanced authentication mechanism, you will have to add the number of factors for authentications.

With most of the password managers in the market, you will have to put a master password to gain access to your account, meaning that you are locked out of your account in case you lose it.

The true key will not lock your account, such that if you have registered enough features for authentication, then you will still get the chance to access your account.

True Key Review-Other True Key Features

Easy to Use Interface

The software comes with quite an easy to use interface, without too much setting and knobs, making your navigation easier.

Password Generator

You will get a password generator with numerous ways and means with which you can create passwords for the various websites you log into.

The true key password generator has been tested and verified by the G2 Product R&D team and user reviews. The password generator will create a password for each of your logins and offer you preferential password creation.

Browser Extension

The software will also come with browser extensions, increasing the avenues with which you can access your account within the software.

The browser extensions will accommodate most of your common browsers, meaning that as long as you can access one of these browsers, you can access your true key account.

Admin Management

The true key software also comes with the option of an admin management system. This means it can be centrally controlled by a certain user who will give other users certain access to the software. This plays a key role, especially when the password manager has to be used by several people.

True Key Desktop and Mobile Apps

As previously stated, the software comes with both a mobile app and a desktop app. Each of the two comes with a different feel; however, they carry around the same features.

For the standalone desktop software, the look and feel appear like it was made for touchscreens, large icons, well-sized buttons, and a lot of space to add any more info or features.

The mobile app is easier to use than the desktop version as such features as the password generator are easier to find on the mobile version than the desktop one. Such things, such as settings, come with m0re options for the mobile version than the desktop version.

The android version will give the user a chance to log in with facial recognition, set default username for various accounts, and clear your browser history and choose if to display passwords.

The true key software will also prevent screenshots of important information and data.

The mobile version of the software will also manage other apps on your device.

Comparison between True Key and other Password Managers

When it comes to most password managers, the true key password manager acquires an edge through the security system and the Mcafee software backing it enjoys. Otherwise, the software comes with some downsides compared to other password managers.

One of the biggest ways the software fails in usability is the lack of password sharing capability. Currently, most software will come with the capability for password sharing. It comes in handy when several people are using the same software and have to share credentials.

In case you are looking to secure small business or family, you are better off getting anther password manager as MacAfee did not create a way for multiple users’ plans on the software.

Another weakness when it comes to the true key password manager is the lack of important notifications for such things as re-used or weak passwords on changing them.

The lack of more plans as part of the true key payment plans is a downside for the software as it will reduce the number of people that can be accommodated in the application. The software only offers its users the premium and the free plan. The developers should consider adding a more diversified plan to accommodate more people, such as businesses and families.

When it came to comparisons in true key vs. LastPass software, the results showed that more users preferred the ease of use offered by Last- Pass; however, they were more into the access level granted by true key based on the various ways you can log into the site.

The true key password manager, as previously stated, also trail when it comes to the number of features it offers its users.

Most of the password managers come with such features as a VPN. This is an important feature to help protect your location from hackers trying to track your device. Most password managers will add VPN features to increase the level of security provided by their software.

Other important features, such as dark web features, are also absent from the true key password manager. Dark web features will monitor dark web sites, and notify the user if they identify any of their information on these sites, alerting them to a possible compromise f their information.

The true key password manager also lacks emergency contact support, in the case of a user’s demise. Most password managers will provide the main user with a chance for naming another person who can access the account in case something happens to the main user.

For this to happen, the account inheritor has to have an account with the same password manager and has to have a way to access the account password. True key, although offering numerous ways of logging in, does not offer the emergency support feature.

Overall True Key Performance

The overall performance of the true key software can be judged capable and reliable, as it may lack many features, but it came efficiently secure your passwords, to the tune of other top performers.

The fact that it has all the features on both the free and paid plan makes it a great password manager for those looking for a free option. As long as you do not need too many passwords stored, you will be satisfied with the software’s free version.

The password manager also offers you several ways for logging in, while at the same time offering replacements for your, master passwords, a feature uncommon with most password managers. Also, the act that your master passwords are not completely necessary for accessing the password manager makes it great for the less careful users, who may lose their master passwords.


Since the true key password manager is a paid platform, the software comes with the chance for effective support, as the company can afford to pay for some.

There are several ways you can reach the true key support ensuring each user has the highest chance of getting some much-needed help.

The platform offers its users 24-hour support!

Some of the ways you can get some support from the platform include:


The platform comes with a FAQ page where you can get all your answers. It is well-populated with several frequently asked questions and will come in handy before deciding to call or contact support.


The password manager also comes with a forum that can help find some solutions to the problems you might be facing on the software.

You can start by searching through the forum for answers you may be looking for, and if you cannot find them, you can decide to pose a question on the forum and wait for the discussion to ensue.


You can get access to some help by notifying support of any issues you may be going through by email.

However, this may take longer to get some answers, as compared to other forms of contacting support. However, if you have time, all you have to do is address the email to support and wait for your feedback.

You will mostly get it within 24 hours.

Live Chat

One of the best ways to get served by support on the true key software is through live chat. This is a better way of contacting support as you get to interact with them live, meaning you can even show them the screen as you explain the problem you may be experiencing.

You will need a camera on the device you are using to contact them through live chat.


Another great way for you to get access to support is through the phone, where you can call them directly. This will come in handy where you want a quick and uninterrupted reach to the support crew.

You can get their contact information through their website and immediately place a call.


In conclusion, the true key password manager will help protect your passwords and other important information. For people looking for a free password manager, which is as effective as other paid password managers, such as Dashlane (review), the true key is the software.

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